Another Random Thought 

I am sure apologizing won’t really make up for me been going missing on this blog.

The reason is simple – Time Management. I simply don’t understand how people manage time and post daily. Honestly, I have a lot of time when I reach home, but I am tired and I lay down with my phone and I don’t even chat with my BFF (she often gets angry) but I can’t really help. I just need to lay down scroll down my Facebook wall and go to sleep.

Anyway, I am here today with a random post which is technically a result of a random thought that made me walk up to the laptop to type this.

Why do I fall for the same kind… every effing time?

Don’t consider this as a negative statement or self-loathing thoughts. I love myself and hence, I am effing worried! I have this type of men, I fall for and then I cry. Wow!

This is not the good boy types. I might as well reject guys for being good. They just don’t trigger the right cord. You feel me?

The types I fall for are the ones who love the grass, are rude, difficult to get, looks shabby (my heart finds it hot) and will definitely break my heart. I don’t understand why I am so difficult. I want a bad boy and then complain, why this guy is so bad!!!

I am single because of my fault. My fault was I gave my 100% and when he stopped trying; I complained that he stopped trying. I wanted him to pretend that he is trying and I would have extended the relationship for another 100 years.

I know, I sound like a disturbed person at the moment, who has no self-respect, but I am sure there is someone reading this who would understand what I am saying.

Anyway, I am signing off to sleep for my evening shift. See y’all soon.

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