‘That day’ of the Month!

There are times in life when you just want to be alone.

An empty house lightens up your entire mood. You won’t party but would sit with a good movie or book and eat carbs and would love to lie down in an air-conditioned room. These days are usually the second day of periods kind of day. A woman would exactly understand what I mean, while some men would try to understand and the others would just ‘meh’ me.

Periods is one thing that gives contradictory feelings to a woman – when a woman gets her periods, her mood is blue while she feels down and doesn’t want to be engaged to people in a conversation and every song has meaning, but still most of the women would love to know that their periods is due and is on the way. Sexually active women – married or unmarried, would like to plan a kid instead of getting a surprise one month without periods.

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I was so excited this month and the last month when I got my periods, not because of the pregnancy thing, but because I was diagnosed with PCOD and the doctor told me I wouldn’t get my periods on time and every time I get it, I do display the ‘middle finger’ (in my imagination) to the doctor who told me I won’t.

The doctor wasn’t wrong actually. I did skip my periods a lot of times 3 months ago and those were the months when I was stressed. I mean it. I was stressed about my work life, my love life, and my life. At the moment, I have subtracted the love and work life from my list and the only stress I have is about my life, which is not that bad.

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Anyway, I am on my second day and I am sipping on coke, even though I shouldn’t, but it feels so gooood.

What soothes you ladies on your periods? Comment below and let me know.

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