Yet again #AtoZChallenge Day 25 

Okay! I am late and this is not a regular post.. But i was really busy to even sit down in front of my laptop and write, so I decided to write on my phone and upload a post for day 25… I can’t lose it in the last two days. 

This one’s a rant and rambling about people who will never change the flaws. I agree to the fact that flaws make us unique and all, but not at the cost hurting other people. 

Some people I know are so perfect in hurting people’s feeling that they just amaze me. These are the people whom you let hurt your soul day after day. And in the end all you can say is ‘yet again’. Yet again to yourself not to them because you gave them the chance ‘yet again’ to hurt you, to play with your feelings, to make you cry, to walk all over you. 

Don’t be the ‘yet again’ person! Keep your self respect! 


2 thoughts on “Yet again #AtoZChallenge Day 25 

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