WhatsApp Generation #AtoZChallenge Day 23

Day 23 | Letter: W

In the social media generation today, WhatsApp is an essential. Being a day without WhatsApp means a person is trying to cut his connection with the world.

We have come to such an era where proposals, break-up, good news, bad news and every other piece of information is shared through WhatsApp. One can’t think of not being on WhatsApp and if someone says that they do not use WhatsApp, people look at this other person as if they have seen some ghost. Trust me there are people who do not use WhatsApp as their default means of connecting with people. Believe me it is weird.

My ex wasn’t an ardent fan of WhatsApp, so he stuck to the basics – Texting!!! It was often difficult for me and my best friend to understand why someone wouldn’t be on WhatsApp. We always thought he was the messed up one who doesn’t like the new generation inventions.

Anyway, it is time to be on WhatsApp and talk to my best friend.

This post was weird, I know. It is nothing but a case of free writing as I chose to sleep a little longer today and also wanted to not break the A to Z Challenge while I have come so far.

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2 thoughts on “WhatsApp Generation #AtoZChallenge Day 23

  1. Being from the United States, I find that a lot of people who have not traveled or have international friends have no idea what WhatsApp is or know what it is, but find no use for it. I use whatsapp everyday, but I find that I am communicating only with my friends that are abroad or have an international background. I have grown to hate texting and much prefer whatsapp- its superior over any ways of communicating!

    Great post.


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