Vacation #AtoZChallenge Day 22

Day 22 | Letter: V

She looked at the waves and smiled. It had been 3 years since she had been out with the one person she loved the most. She was grateful and believed that she is blessed to have had this day, today. She walked up to the shack and booked a room.

After a long hot shower, she decided t order some room service. She ordered everything in the quantity of two. When the room server walked in with a huge platter of food and champagne, he looked around and said, “Ma’am I suppose there is a problem with the order. I am sure the operator misunderstood the order for one as an order for two.” She laughed and said, “No I ordered for two. Could you please place it there?” The server looked confused and placed it on the bed. She handed him a hefty tip and sat on the bed.

She told herself, “Finally, you have started to love yourself more than the world.” She was on a vacation with herself and wanted to rebuild her relationship with her own soul that was lost over years trying to do things for others. She looked at the platter and said, “That’s a lot of food!!! But my soul is happy now…”

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