Under the Spell #AtoZChallenge Day 21

Day 21 | Letter: U

“You have ruined my house”, said Shipra to Shyama. Shyama was blank and wondered what is wrong with this female. Shyama kept her calm while Shipra was abusing her. Atharva was quietly standing in the corner without uttering a single word. “Why did you choose my house and my fiance?” asked Shipra with tears in her eyes. Shyama looked at Atharva who didn’t have the guts to take Shyama’s side.

Shyama said, “Shipra, I don’t know you and believe me, you don’t know me either.” Shipra was furious and was about to slap Shyama when Shyama held her hands and yelled at her, “Your fiancé came to me. He told me you didn’t satisfy him physically. He said he loved me. Atharva and I dreamed about our house and family.” Atharva still standing in the corner, couldn’t raise his head. Shyama continued, “Before telling e that I ruined your house or whatever let me tell you, it was you who couldn’t take care of her own man.”

Shipra cried her eyes out and said, “You did something to Atharva. You must’ve got him under some spell.” Shyama wiped her tears and turned towards Atharva and said, “Thanks for nothing.” Shyama reached her home and cried until she fell asleep. She woke up the next day and there was a message from Atharva that said: “Babes, I need you.”

Shyama was scared and she told herself, “What if he is under some spell?”

Shyama then realized that Atharva was under the spell of Shyama. He was under the spell of Shyama’s love, care, nurturing nature and physical intimacy.

Will Atharva be out of the spell or will he give in and accept the spell?

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