Price Tag Mechanism #AtoZChallenge Day 16

Day 16 | Letter: P

I have come across this weird habit of being a miser since the time I was broke and unemployed. This habit was called ‘Killing my Cravings’. For me, cutting down my cravings were the biggest money saver deal. My cravings go bizarre and one needs to keep a check on my spending habits and weight gains.

Now that I work (again), my spending habits could’ve gone a little vague but my brain has come across this great mechanism that I like to call the Price Tag Mechanism.

My brain is trained in a way that I avoid all my cravings throughout the week on the basis of the rate of the thing. Though the cravings are pretty cheap, but this mechanism is not used for saving money but for weight management. I am the kind of person who will give a tough time to the personal trainer. I am blessed to have a free personal trainer (my brother) at home who tries his level best to get me started with some workout regime, but me being me, I avoid them all.

The other day, I noticed that I didn’t have a single cup of tea at work, because I told, myself, I don’t need something that costs so much unnecessarily. I told the same to my brother and he said, “Didi, this could be your thing – Price Tag Mechanism”. I gave it a thought and realized that yes it can be my thing for sure.

It has been a week since I haven’t had more than a cup of tea, everyday. I used to have at least 4 cups of tea every day, so this is progress. I am going to try this new Price Tag Mechanism to see if it changes my lifestyle for the good.

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