Other Woman #AtoZChallenge Day 15

Day 15 | Letter: O

People in our society have tagged and labelled a woman in many ways and the worse one is ‘The Other Woman’. Who is this other woman?

When I was in a relationship and my boyfriend cheated on me (in a way), he went to another girl out of curiosity (of what – I am not aware). The girl he went to became the other woman by society standards.

When it was time for confrontation, I questioned just my boyfriend because I don’t even know who this other girl is in my relationship and questioning her is bizarre. 

I believe there is no such thing as the other woman. It is a myth. By society standards we always blame the other woman and we call her names like ‘home wrecker’, ‘b**ch’ and other things. When the cheating scene happens, the society blames the other woman.

I hate that thing because trust me, all the woman are someone’s other woman and if we all are called by that name, we would be embarrassed. The other woman is just a woman. She is not the reason why your man cheated. She is the one who gave him more love than you or let him experiment things that you didn’t. Maybe she is just the one to whom your man walked up to and she denied his proposal.

Men react to No’s differently and we all know that. If a woman gives a straight No to the guy, it becomes a game for him – the chase game. It is not the fault of the other woman if your relationship ended or your home was wrecked. It is the mistake of your man.

Do you know this other woman? Did you have a relationship with her? Were you dating or married to her? NO!!! Your own man was involved with you and due to some odd reason he wanted to find fun and he found it, in this woman. He approached her; maybe she didn’t even know that he was committed. Technically, he wasn’t committed; you were committed to him, because if he were then he wouldn’t have gone elsewhere.

I wish this world is a better place for woman and it won’t start if we don’t start respecting our kind.

Let’s stop blaming her and instead blame the real culprit who wrecked your relationship. Go to the root cause of it and then start keeping names and blaming someone.

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6 thoughts on “Other Woman #AtoZChallenge Day 15

  1. You are right that it isn’t the “other woman’s” fault. Put the blame at the man’s feet. That’s where it belongs. Studies have been done that show men are more likely to cheat when they have high status in society or a lot of money. That has nothing to do with the woman in the primary relationship not filling his needs, but in the man (in these cases) wanting to feel powerful.

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