Never Say Never #AtoZChallenge Day 14

Day 14 | Letter: N

On Day 14 of A to Z Challenge, let me present a short story.

This story is of a girl called Shyama. She is the outgoing, career oriented, bold girl. She is the one who makes head turn around. She moves her body like a cyclone, while dancing. She is the most caring daughter, funny sister and a best friend.

Shyama always waited for her ‘Dream Man’. She wanted a guy who would love only her and would treat her like a princess. She always said, “I will never tolerate my man being shared by anyone else. I want the whole of him.” Shyama was determined about her choices, unless she wasn’t.

After years of wait for her dream man, she met a guy called Anant. Anant had the body that Shyama dreamed of. Anant and Shyama matched perfectly on the intimacy level and Shyama couldn’t complain. She was content, but one day, when Shyama was sitting with a glass of beer she thought of her ‘Dream Man’ qualities and felt tears on her cheek.

She looked at Anant’s photo and cried again, she told herself, “I never wanted this. What happened to me?” Shyama loved Anant but he already had another girlfriend. He wasn’t hers completely. She even felt neglected when he was with the other girl. She felt she was being a fool, but she couldn’t leave, just not yet.

Shyama never wanted to be the other woman. She never wanted to share her man. She never wanted to cry when in love. She never wanted to not be married at the age of 27.

She realised that one should Never say Never! Shyama was about to change her life. How and Why? Stay Tuned!!!

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