Maa #AtoZChallenge Day 13

Day 13 | Letter: M

An Ode to all the Mothers, especially the Single Moms:


Being strong has become a duty for her

And maybe that’s why she is called a Mother,

She forgot who she was

Instead became the lady boss.



She studied three times in her life,

Once for herself and two times after being a wife

She didn’t leave the household and cry for hours

But made sure her house has blooming flowers.


Cooking food was one of her best trait

She did all of this without her soul mate

She gave up her life for her kids

Carefully covering her dreams in her eye lids


This lady is one of her kind

As she is the lady of today, with a mind

One cannot match her strides

She has kept all her problems to the side


She loves her children to the core

Never asking for anything more

Being strong has become a duty for her

And maybe that’s why she is called a Mother.

This is a special dedication to my Maa and all the moms in the world, especially single moms. This ain’t the most perfectly written poem, but it is certainly from the heart.

I look up to all the single mothers in the world and I want to thank them all including my maa for taking care of our house and us, all these years. Thanks a lot!

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