Labels #AtoZChallenge Day 12

Day 12 | Letter: L

Me and clothes sizes are the biggest enemy. I have a problem with the Fashion Industry because they don’t make enough clothes for the majority of people who are called as ‘Plus Sizes’.

Long, long ago, I was a ‘Medium’ girl who got every dress with the ‘Large’ label because the fashion industry decides the sizes on some vague metrics. I was still quite happy and content with my wardrobe. Not too long ago, I was transformed to my original self which is the ‘Extra Large and above’ labels and at this time finding clothes was nothing but a nightmare.

I can’t decide on the pattern, design or colors. I have to search for a size and then the cost and then see if the design is okay or no; isn’t this bizarre? I weigh too much and I am not okay with it because I don’t get to wear what I like.

The other day, after my birthday, me and my mom decided to go shopping. I dread shopping clothes due to the size labels, but I was excited as it was my birthday week and I believed nothing could go wrong.

I entered the first store and as always looked for the size labels. I managed to find three kurtas with ‘Extra Large’ on them and I tried them, I couldn’t get through my head. So the ‘XL’ was nothing but a ‘Medium’. I was pretty pissed off and stormed to the store manager and asked if they have something that would ‘Fit me’? He looked at me and took out the worse collection of clothes that had the labels of ‘XXXL’, that’s three times large. I tried them and they looked like huge bags on me. I got into my clothes and stomped off the store went to the next stroee that had a decent collection for my size, but the labels were different. I found one ‘large that fits me well, got one XXL that didn’t fit me at all and others XL that were too loose. I had to try every single piece of kurta because every label said something and looked something else.

The size labels are nothing but just labels. They don’t mean anything. I was quite upset with the size issue and then realized, that labels are just given by society.

We have labels in every aspect of life. A girl who smokes gets the label of being ‘bold’, the guy who smokes, gets the label of being ‘a man’. The label we give to a man who speaks musically is ‘gay’, and when a girl speaks musically we label her as ‘cute’. We label everything from things to human, and I think it is time to lose the labels!!!

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Let’s Lose It, Together!!!

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4 thoughts on “Labels #AtoZChallenge Day 12

  1. I worked for a retail store that sold clothes and they always had their women’s sizes all down-graded. A size 8 was actually a 6, and so on. Cannot be good for self-esteem.

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  2. Reblogged this on Wright Words and commented:

    I don’t reblog things often, but this really resonated with me. I pretty much can’t buy anything labels XXL, L, M, XL, etc unless it has the actual measurements in inches/cm (because you can’t mismatch those). I’m also tired of all the labels we use to divide ourselves from one another. It’s especially disheartening that so many of the labels we have aren’t of our own making but are applied to us by others. So read on and I hope you’ll share this as well.

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