I, me and myself: Self Love #AtoZChallenge – Day 9

Day 9  | Letter: I

Some people feel I am ‘Self-obsessed’, ‘Self-absorbed’, ‘Self-everything’ and they also consider all these things as a negative trait. I have been a ‘giving’ person all my life and even now I am a ‘giving’ person when it comes to my loved ones. It isn’t my mistake if a lot of people do not exist in my loved-ones list.

After my break-up from a 3-year old relationship, I was all shattered and a mess. A mess that made me really sick and depressed, even more. However, with a lot of efforts and self-control, I finally got over him. I always knew I would get over him but I was unsure as to how much time will it take. Thanks to my Zodiac Traits that are so strong in me, that I was successful in the ‘Out of Sight, Out of Mind’ strategy. The day I came out of the entire relationship thing and getting over, I realised how important it is to love myself. Self-love is what was missing for almost 3 years and more.

I told myself, “Mita, you have to start loving Mita.” That was the day I realised how important it is to have the ‘I, me and myself’ plan in place.

These days, I am all about me and my loved ones. Loving me is something I had forgotten to do post my relationship. I consider this phase as I being ‘reborn’ and I have to start taking care of myself as I used to do.

Apart from my mom, brother and best friend there is one more person who has helped me come out of my miseries – Lisa Concepcion. Her videos are fresh and they certainly helped me get out of the sad part of my life.

Her YouTube channel is mentioned below:

So yes, I am all about I, me and myself and I am not going to change that for the longest period now.

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