Hot Summer #AtoZChallenge – Day 8

Day 8  | Letter: H

After watching a lot of Hollywood movies and YouTube videos from the West, I wondered what’s the craze with the ‘foreigners’ (we address everyone, who are not Indian –No offense) about summers! How can someone love summer? Yes, I am talking about the weather not a hot looking guy. Summer is Hot and that’s not so hot!

In India, at least we the people of Mumbai hate summer.  We don’t wear those summer dresses, shorts, bikini all day. On the contrary, we try to do everything to stay back at home.

5 things only Indians would understand about Indian Hot Summers:

  1. Humidity:

The moment you leave the air conditioned room; you feel the sticky and oily sweat all over your body. This is the sign the weather isn’t just hot but humid too. Walking from home to the train station is a nightmare. Travelling in a Non-Ac cab or bus is the worst thing that can happen to you.

  1. Melting Make-up:

In India, we avoid make-up during the summer. The reason is simple, most of us, Indians sweat like a waterfall and that means our make-up on an extremely hot day has to melt. I am not over-exaggerating. The other day I applied just ‘Lacto Calamine’ and compact. By the time I reached the railway station, the lacto calamine was melting through my face and neck.

  1. Summer dresses:

Not all of us wear summer dresses to work because, at times it is not allowed and the other times, we’re not shaved. We stick to the full sleeves kurta and tops made of cotton and trust me that it is better than the summer dresses.

  1. Glucon-D:

This is a kind of energy drink for the Indian household. Having a glass of Glucon-D before leaving the house and after coming home is a ritual that most of us follow. There is a belief that Glucon-D keeps you hydrated.

  1. Long showers:

Indians are quite hygienic and during summers we have the hygiene God within us. Taking shower two times a day is the best thing that we do. When the cold water touches your body, it not only touches your body but also your soul.

These are the most basic five things that we Indians completely relate to during a hot summer day.

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P.S. Title Courtesy: The Lost Soul

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20 thoughts on “Hot Summer #AtoZChallenge – Day 8

  1. Good tips. Cotton clothing, no make up and showers. I drink Rooh Afzah and Nimboo paani instead of Glucon D. Humidity is a hassle in Delhi only during the monsoon, the rest of the summer we’re dried out by the hot winds from the deserts of Rajasthan. Having said all this, I still like summer. The flowering trees, swimming and the bright light lift my spirits 🙂

    Hindsight #Lexicon of Leaving

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  2. Quite relatable. I survive my summers by guzzling on lots of buttermilk and of course those mandatory two showers a day. But I love two things about summers – mangoes and watermelons! Can’t have enough of those.

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  3. Enjoyed this typical hot and humid summer of Kolkata.: -). But it’s not the same all over the India. In south, it’s just like burning in a baking oven. That is more dangerous than the Kolkata Summer. Anyway, Have a great summer.

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  4. I’d like to take my head off and let it cool in the refrigerator. I too can’t understand what there is to love about the summer except for the mangoes and snoozing in the afternoon heat

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