Food: The One that Comforts #AtoZChallenge – Day 6

Day 6 | Letter: F

I know I could have just said ‘Comfort Food’ but the letter is ‘F’ so I had to keep it that way.
I don’t know if my version of ‘food that comforts me’ actually belongs to the ‘Comfort Food’ category, but anyhow they just comfort me.
Here is the list of food that provides me ultimate comfort:
  1. Aalu Bhaaja with Dal and Bhaat (Potato fry with Dal and Rice):
I still feel nostalgic when I think of the round aalu bhaaja that my DIda (grandmother) made and fed us with her hand. That taste cannot be replicated by anyone, not even my mother.
  1. Maggi:
I have survived on Maggi all my life. A bowl full of hot Maggi with your favourite movie on the T.V. is the best thing.
  1. Khichudi with Tomato Chutney:
Rainy afternoon and my mom serving me a plate full of piping hot khichudi is something anyone would love. Along with it a sweet and sour tomato chutney and maybe baigun bhaaja (eggplant fry) is utter bliss.
  1. Bread and Half fry:
As a child and even now, Sunday mornings isn’t complete without Bread Omlette, which in my case is actually ‘bread and half fry eggs’.
  1. Fish curry and rice:
This is one comfort food that no Bengali would ever say no to. This has always been my mother’s rescue when she had very little time to cook food. She made us fish curry and rice.
These are just some food that comforts my soul. I might come up with more. I know a lot of you guys might be judging me, as the post is really short and irrelevant, but, as it is my birthday, I had very little time to blog. I hope to complete this A to Z Challenge.
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