Extra Kilos #AtoZChallenge – Day 5

Day 5 | Letter: E

A lot of my readers, friends and family know the fact that I have a bit of ‘Weight Problem’. Uh-huh! The problem is not for me but for the people around. My extra kilos do make some people uncomfortable and I wonder why!?!
The extra kilos are mine and are totally placed on my body, so how can my extra kilos be a problem to anyone?
I think people have a problem with my weight is my fault and here’s why:
  1. Booty: My booty is actually an ‘asset’. The fact that I have booty might be the reason people hate my extra kilos. Of course, when a guy doesn’t get the booty I have, who wouldn’t have a problem? Also, some girls must be furious because I got something extra, a little extra! ((Wink, Wink))
  1. Chubby Cheek: My chubby cheeks are world famous. Thanks to the extra kilos placed on me, my cheeks are really cute. Some people would have a problem with a poem associated to the girl with extra kilos, right?!?
  1. Food: Now come on, almost every person on this planet would love to eat without thinking twice and some of ‘us’ (fat people as people love calling us) do that! I don’t think twice before ordering a pizza or going on a pani puri spree. Of course this will cause trouble to some.
Well these are the only things that come to my head when I think of why people would hate my ‘Extra Kilos’. However, I suddenly remember what my Ex used to say, “Everyone loves fat people – you! Some just hate showing it!” And yes for the first time, I will consider my ex to be Right!!!
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