Dreams: A Filmy Affair #AtoZChallenge – Day 4

Day 4 | Letter: D

I must’ve vaguely spoken about the dreams I see but I don’t remember giving you all a sneak peek into it, have I? This A to Z season, let’s talk about my dreams and my connection with it, in brief.

I dream a lot with closed and open eyes. As a normal human being, day dreaming is not something that I don’t get indulged with; I am quite a fan of dreaming with my eyes open. However, today I want to talk about the dreams I see with closed eyes.

I am an active creative person and I do think outside the limits, box, whatever you call it. My dreams are nothing but my reflection. If a non-Indian person feels the movies from the South is a little over the top or Karan Johar and Yash Raj shows unrealistically beautiful stories; you guys should be in my dreams, watching them. They are a combination of love, sex, fights, conspiracies, beautiful locations etc. Every aspect of a luxurious movie can be found in my dreams.

If the directors and writers of big banners manage to look through my dreams they will get the best storylines and characters. My dreams have an opening, behind the scenes, climax and beautiful ending. Some are scary too, but everything has a silver lining, doesn’t it? Silver lining reminds me that there’s a post coming up soon from The Lost Soul.

Getting back to the topic, dreams are not in my control. I watch dreams that are playing in my head and I do remember my dreams. On a good day, I remember every small detail of it, while some other days, I don’t understand what my dreams were all about.

Continuity is another thing that is not a big deal for me. I have been dreaming for so long now that I have mastered the act of continuity of dreams. I can watch a dream from where I left it, within 24 hours.

Sometimes the dreams are really very sweet and make me happy when I wake up, sometimes they are horrifying and I regret that I remember it, sometimes they are just fun dreams. Dreams and I are certainly the best thing. We (me and dreams) have a great passion for creativity and that’s the reason we are splendid together.

On that note, I end off the Day 4 post. I am really not sure, how am I managing the blogging part.

By the way I told you’ll in the last post that I will talk about why April doesn’t feel like April. Well, April is my birthday month and I simply love my birthday. I love celebrating my existence and the day I was born. One can call me self-obsessed but yes, I am really into my own birthday. This year however, it doesn’t feel like my birthday because of two reasons –

  1. I do not have the money to buy myself and my mom a gift ( as I was unemployed for quite some time now)

  2. My birthday is on a Friday. I keep fasts on Friday, and I don’t eat or drink anything the whole day except for water and tea. I also associate birthdays with food but this year will be different.

Lame!?! Well, maybe it is1 but it is how I feel!!! Whatever!

Have a great day folks. All those who are participating in A to Z and have a proper schedule in place, please do share some tips with me.

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Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Dream On!!!



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