Simply Random

They say, ‘Till death do us apart…’ and get divorced. That’s marriage of today! Very few marriages in our society are successful – some are not broken but not strong either. However, friendship most of the time is stronger, deeper and REAL.

I am a person who believes in fewer accomplishments. And with that said, I do follow it in my relationships too. I have one mother – one father (dead) – one brother and one friend/BFF.

One Friend!!! It seems like too less for a few. The funniest thing is my BFF also has two BFF’s, but I am dedicated to just ONE!

My blog was initially named ‘Getawayzzz’ because it was my Getaway. I later, changed it to ChaoticSoulzzz- Why? I realised ‘getaway’ is the solution, but what is the problem? The problem was my chaoticsoul.

Are you wondering why am I blabbering on my laptop – that’s because, it’s been too long since I have blabbered. I love writing content and short stories, but again the theme of this blog isn’t that straight – it is Chaotic!

How are you guys doing? Comment below! Let’s chat!

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