Is your Relationship going through a Rough Patch?

When you are in a relationship and feel alone there could be a really coerce impact on your mind.  Most of the people do not look at the emotional pain of their partner.  If a person loves you and forgives you every time, that doesn’t mean your partner is a fool, it means she loves the relationship you’ll have had and doesn’t want to end it up for things that can be fixed.
A partner going through emotional stress will talk to you and seek for help, you might feel it is all drama and to seek your attention, but the help asked for, is genuine. If you think the person is really in need of assistance, initiate a new routine.
Here are a few things couple should try when the relationship is going through a rough patch:
  1. Talk it out: talking solves most of the problems. At times all that lacks is talking. Your partner may be in need of nothing but some informal therapy. He or she just wants to talk to you.  Maybe it will all be good after a really healthy talk over tea. 
  1. Initiate a new routine: Maybe you and your partner have lost the charm in your relationship because you’ll have been busy and tired. How about a monthly movie night or a date night twice a month with your partner? Initiate a new routine that you both can do and be with each other and you’ll feel special about the other. 
  1. Give importance: Every person needs to feel important. If your partner is giving you importance in your relationship but is not getting any in return, you should start making efforts. Giving importance to your partner doesn’t mean you lose your importance. 
These 3 things would really help your relationship and it would be great for your relationship.  If your partner has given you the happiness for most part of the relationship, then it is your turn now.  Make her feel special too.  She isn’t mad to choose you after all the wrongs; she just cares for the relationship – A LITTLE TOO MUCH.
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