My Valentine’s Day

I don’t remember the last time I celebrated Valentine’s Day like normal people. For me Valentine’s Day is just another day of the year.

Heard the statements above? Did you have the thoughts – ‘She is so single!!! Single Forever!!!”?
Yes, I am single at the moment, but even when I was in a relationship, I haven’t celebrated Valentine’s Day. I must’ve asked the boyfriend to click a snap or two or I might have worn a red dress, but all those are for Instagram.
Anyway, the Valentine’s week came to an end and I realized; now is the time to write a blog post. Obviously, if I would’ve written something before the 14th it had to be lovey-dovey and if I would’ve written something anti-love, then who’d read it!!!
This post is nothing important but just me telling you what I did on Valentine’s.
Here you go:
  • I wished my BFF, mom and bhai – Valentine’s Day
  • I received a message in my blocked SMS section by my ex wishing me ‘Happy Valentine’s’
  • I slept in till 11 AM, I guess
  • I made myself a cup of tea and dipped a piece of bread for breakfast
  • I scrolled through my Facebook and Instagram (Why aren’t you following me???)
  • I opened my SnapChat and realized how much I love to be on SnapChat, so I took some stunning snaps… (Did you just say that you don’t follow me here as well!?! @chaoticsoulzzz)
  • I made lunch for myself – Eggs and Maggi
  • I opened my job portal app and applied on almost 50 jobs
  • I day dreamed about some guys, I have a crush on (‘some’ is an underrated word)
  • I took a nap for two hours
  • I got up before my mom came back from work and made tea for her
  • I wished her V-Day again
  • I chatted with my BFF
  • We had family dinner – ordered from a restaurant next to my apartment
  • I played a cooking game and slept at 3 AM
That was my V-Day. It was super amazing as I got to be my old self again!!! How was your Valentine’s Week? Do comment below and let me know! I love seeing people in Love!!!
Anyway, if you guys are not following me on Social Media, it is high time now that you’ll do… Come on – follow me, leave a comment on the blog or on any image of the social media platform saying you are a reader and I will follow you back.
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P.S.: I was listening to Kolaveri Di, today and i thought why not share the link here. #Nostalgia
Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Love Thyself!




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