Why Would I Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Ashmita?

As you all must have figured out by now, I am not a very social person. I am a loner with only 2 family members and 1 Best friend. That’s my life. I have celebrated ‘Valentine’s Day’ on my own for the most of my lifetime and it has been pretty much a normal day.

Because I am in the self-happiness and self-loving mode these days, I figured out why can’t I sit and list down 7 reasons to spend V-Day with my own beautiful self.
FYI – The blog title says ‘Ashmita’ which is me!!! 🙂 

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7 Reasons I want to spend Valentine’s Day with Ashmita
  1. Putting on make-up is optional as I don’t have to if I don’t feel like.
  2. Wearing clothes is optional too, as I love myself even in shorts and messy hair. (FYI – i look pretty hot in those shorts – Wink Wink)
  3. Hog onto the most delicious homemade fries by me and no one there to count the calories, rather I will count my blessings. (FYI – I make the best French fries or rather in Bengali, aalu bhaaja and trust me, when I say I’m good – I am effing good!!!)
  4. Binge watching is bliss with no one else selecting which series you’d want to watch on V-Day. Currently, I am binge watching Two and a Half Men. (FYI – leaving all the controversies and social talks away, I still love Charlie Sheen)
  5. Sleeping in when celebrating V-Day with you is a blessing. Who wouldn’t want to sleep in, on V-Day?
  6. Pampering yourself with cheap and expensive gifts and no one judging you for that is totally crazy, isn’t it? (FYI – I am a cheaper person, so I am going for no gifts for myself)
  7. Lastly, you have to build a relationship with yourself first, before any other relationship you move onto.
These are the 7 reasons I am spending the V-day with me.
What are your plans for V-Day? Please comment below.
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