What not to do as Wedding Guests?

Dear Wedding Guests,

Wedding is a beautiful affair of people and we get to see different traditions and if it is an Indian wedding, there’s nothing better than the food, colors, and music. We all know that our ‘Best Friends’ are family; and if there’s a wedding in the family of our best friend, it somehow becomes our family wedding, too.
Last week, I attended the wedding ceremony of my BFF’s elder brother. The small and intimate wedding affair touched my soul and I was happy at the end of the day. However, weddings seems all good and colorful from the outside, but when one goes to the insides of this arrangements there are flaws, hurdles, tears, and UNWANTED CRITICISMS. The ‘Behind the Scene’ in reality is not a Karan Johar movie!!!
This post isn’t about weddings or a particular wedding, but this post is for the ‘outsiders’ who are considered to be the ‘insiders’ when invited for a small intimate celebration. When we make the wedding guest list and send out the invitations, we really consider you all as the people whom we care about; trust me there are a lot of them who were made aware of the holy matrimony only by Facebook update.
7 Tips for Wedding Guests
  1. Stop Criticizing about every small flaw that you can see in the wedding.
  2. Be grateful that you were invited.
  3. The ceremony is not to celebrate the Wedding Guests, but to celebrate the Holy Matrimony of the Bride and Groom.
  4. This is a wedding and not a Bigg Boss House – Stop Gossiping.
  5. This is a wedding and not a real version of Stop the Match Making spree.
  6. Support the family when there’s a small crisis in the wedding rather than making a Breaking News out of it.
  7. You were invited here to give blessings to the couple, because we consider you really close, please don’t do anything foolish to change our perception about you.
Yada Yada, Board, Insignificance, Conventional Wisdom
That’s all! Please appreciate the arrangements and give your blessings and in a much harsher tone – ‘Shut the Eff Up’.
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