Chapter 25 |  Soul Mate and Chai

Maya was shocked and delighted to see Shyama. Not her twin sister but her soul mate. Shyama and Maya were best friends for years, but time took them apart. At the lobby, Shyama was standing with her luggage wearing a black shirt and jeans and an army patched jacket. Maya and Shyama hugged each other and the first thing Maya said, “I love the animal print flats you’re wearing.” Shyama smiled and said, “I missed you too.” They both smiled and Shyama looked at Shiv with a smirk and said, “Oh you’re here, too!” Shiv smiled and gave her a half hug and said, “Yes I am very much here; and so is your ‘better-half’” Shyama looked at Maya and said, “Yes, she is indeed, after four years of separation, finally we meet – Thanks to my complete useless ‘Ex’.” Shiv asked Shyama, “We’re going to have some Desi Chai. Do you want to join us?” Shyama looked at her bags, looked at Maya and said, “Give me two minutes” And walked towards the front desk.
Shyama Ghosh was a model and if someone saw her for the first time, they would always notice her extremely tall legs and long hair. Her smile would usually touch her eyes and she spoke in ‘Sarcasm’ only. Shyama, Maya and Shiv were neighbors and childhood friends. While Maya was running away from her home, Shyama was in Paris making her modeling career. Shyama always wanted to be in touch with Maya, but Maya was busy making her career and they both lost contact, but now that they met again, there was no going away from each other. Shyama used to date Sameer, the groom and now that he is getting married, she had to be there as they were good friends.
Shyama said, “Well, we can leave for the desi chai.” Maya asked, “Your bags?” Shyama replied, “I spoke to the front desk, they will put my bags up in my room.” Shiv told the girls, “Why don’t you girls carry on; while I will have some coffee in the room. You’ll have a lot of catching up to do.” Maya smiled at him and nodded. Shyama on the other hand was busy on her phone. Shiv moved towards the room and the girls moved ahead to the Pakistani restaurant to have chai. Shyama says, “So… You and Shiv? What’s the deal?” Maya rolled her eyes and said, “Engaged!!!” Shyama said, “Shut Up!!!” Maya showed her the ring. Shyama stopped to look at it and said, “You said yes? That’s a new thing, isn’t it?” Maya smiled and said, “I didn’t want to lose him, even as a friend.” Shyama rolled her eyes and said, “Don’t want to lose him? So you’ll say yes? Are you crazy?” Maya said, “It is strange, I know. I told him I am just giving all this, a thought and if things don’t work well, we’ll be friends.” Shyama looked at her and said, “Darling, if things go sour, so will your friendship with Shiv. Plus, it is Shiv; he loved you since you were not even born, maybe!!! He will do everything to make this thing work, even if you are bored. Also, I know how soon you can get bored.”
Maya just got a message from Shiv, “Don’t let her brain wash you. I love you. LOL” Maya replied to him, “You just know us… LOL back at you!” He replied, “Already NO ‘I love you’!!! Shyama is in progress!!! Should I be scared?” Maya looked at the message and shut her phone off; not realizing Shiv was serious when he asked that question. Shyama and Maya reached the Café and got two Masala Chai and Bun Maska. Reliving their old days, the two girls sat in the Café and Shyama said, “So when are you getting married?” Maya took a bite of the bread and said, “I am not getting married. I am just engaged.” Shyama laughed at the top of her voice and said, “Hahahahaha! You are just so cute to believe that. Shiv proposed – you said yes – and now you think you can get away with the engagement only? It is Shiv, Shiv Chatterjee that we are talking about. Not any other guy. He is obsessed with you.” Maya gulped the tea and kept listening to Shyama because she knew Shyama has the best things to say when Maya is stuck with her thoughts.
Maya told Shyama about the ‘Vishal Singh’ incident that happened in Mumbai and Shyama kept on swearing. Maya asked Shyama, “Enough of me! Tell me what are you up to?” Shyama smiled and said, “Professionally, you can see my body – I am doing great! Financially, I can’t complain and emotionally, we’ve got to talk a lot and get some more tea.” They both grabbed some more tea and Shyama said, “When I had first been to Paris, I was really scared but then I met this guy from the agency who got me new projects. He was really sweet and later realized he was just a MAN!!!” Maya asked, “What did he do?” Shyama took a sip and replied, “I was in love with him. I lost my virginity to him and guess what – he was effing married!!!” Maya sat there with her mouth open as she realized ‘Vishal Singh’ episode was almost the same.
Shyama said, “After that I met a lot of models, producers, actors and they all have been good to me, but I am not looking for anything concrete as yet. I certainly don’t want a rock on my finger!!!” Maya rolled her eyes and Shyama continued, “No offence but, Shiv and you were always meant to be together. He loved you! But really engaged?” Maya knew Shyama can turn Maya’s decisions in seconds. Maya replied, “I love him. Just be supportive.” Shyama said, “I am supportive. I love you guys too. But I want you to become a writer and not a house wife.” Maya laughed and said, “I am not going to become a housewife. I am working. I am going to be a writer. Chill and be jealous of the perfect man that I have.” Shyama smirked and said, “Yeah fine! I am jealous that he is kind of perfect.” They both laughed it off and left from the Café and reached the Hotel.
Maya asked Shyama in the lift, “Which floor are you on?” She replied, “7th… you?” Maya excitedly said, “Same – I am in 704… you?” Shyama said, “Howdy Neighbor? 705 is me.” Maya made a frown face and said, “Shit! Now I will be conscious while making love.” Shyama replied, “While making love – No! But if you guys decide to go wild – Yes it will be weird!” They both reached their floor and went to their rooms with smiles.
After a long time Maya felt, she was complete.



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