Round-Up 2016

It is finally 2017 – or should I be saying finally 2016 is gone? Honestly, I feel 2016 was trolled the most in 2016 and I feel sad for 2016. Unfortunately, last year was not so good for me too but now that it is over, I feel I should feel grateful towards 2016 for teaching me a lot of things.

7 Major Life Changes from 2016:

  1. Depression Hit me

  2. Quit a toxic job

  3. Experienced a Break Up

  4. Cried a lot

  5. Ignored my Blog

  6. Realized the true worth of a lot of people

  7. Started believing in The Universe

I understand that one should be positive or else I will manifest the wrong things more. But all the above mentioned things made me grateful towards life in general.

These things in 2016 have made me a much stronger version of myself. It may sound funny as a lot of people saying the same thing over the internet, but I feel 2016 made a lot of people think the same way.

Welcoming 2017 and molding 2017 different than before is my goal.

Happy New Year to all! May this year bring happiness and love to all.

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Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Love Thyself!

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