How to Analyze the Sub-Text of a ‘Hey’ Text?

I recently had my ex do a disastrous thing. He sent me a text message saying,  “Hey”.  I was shocked at this gesture of his and then I wondered what could be the possible reason that he did this. My break up is quite fresh and I am shattered, but rather than crying, I decided to turn every emotion and experience I have with this break-up, to a blog post.


Because there will be thousands of people who are going through the similar emotions and the chaos in the head is too much. But why dwell on the negative, it is time we turn the negative into positives.

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The break-up happened a week ago and you were shattered. No matter who initiated the break up, but the concept of break-up hurts. You love them and deep down inside you want them to miss you too. You also love your self-respect and you have made sure to not contact them or talk about them. You have now kind of moved on rather almost on the path of moving on.

Then one day you get a text from your ex-partner: “Hey”

Why would they send a ‘Hey’ text out of nowhere?

I did my part of over-thinking and came out with this analysis:

  • Trying Luck

  • Butt Text

  • Booty Call

  • Make-fun-of-you-text

  • Drunk Texting

Let’s look into this in detail:

  1. Trying Luck: You’re quite a treasure and your ex doesn’t really want to lose you. The ‘hey’ text could mean that they are trying to see if you are still available for them.

  1. Butt Text: Not literally a butt text but a text that reached you unknowingly. Maybe your number and one of their friend’s numbers were just next to each other and instead of selecting their friend; they selected your number and hit the send button.

  1. Booty Call: Call it a booty call or a booty text, but the sub-text can certainly be booty. Your ex might have been missing on some real action. They might want to check if you can still be ‘friends with benefits’.

  1. Make-fun-of-you-text: What if they had a bet with their friends about will you respond to their ‘Hey’ text and if yes then how soon.

  1. Drunk texting: They are drowned in Vodka and tequila shots and they decided to text you while they are drunk. As you have blocked them and they are unable to reach your phone through a call, they have sent you a ‘Hey’.

There could be positive reasons to their ‘hey’ text too. But it is crucial to understand that right now you have to spend time with yourself and give the boost required by your self-respect.

What would have I done if I got this text? In fact I did get this text.

I ignored the text and instead wrote a blog post on it.

Have you read the Chaotic Soul version of How to Implement the No Contact Phase successfully?

What would you have done? Or what did you all do when you’ll receive such a text from your ex? Please comment below and let me know.

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Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Love Thyself!

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