How to Implement the No Contact Phase successfully?

The only thought in my mind after initiating the break up with him was: “Now what?” I frequently caught myself looking at his number on my phone and at times at his email id. I often asked myself, if I should send him a text or an email. To answer my question, my guardian angel – Let’s call him ‘Michael’, told me to shut up and concentrate on more important things, like – Blogging!

I am quite an online research freak and I love to read articles on break up (to make myself feel less miserable). One day, while browsing I came across something called as ‘No Contact Phase’. Though this was for getting your ex back, but my intentions were clear, I wanted him to want me more, but not be back with him again. Chaotic, huh?

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Hence, I recreated the implementation of ‘No Contact Phase’, the Chaotic Soul version:

  • Delete the Number

  • Delete the photos/Dump it somewhere in your email

  • Delete the old messages

  • Block the person from every possible contact mode

  • Honestly be busy

Though the pointers are enough for your understanding but I thought to put in few more words so that I can unleash the things in my head.

  1. Deleting the number:

This is easy, isn’t it? I thought so too, but honestly this is the most difficult part. Deleting the number from the phone is easy, but from the memory? If you’re old school like me, you will remember the numbers of people really close to you.

For starters, delete the number of your ex-partner from all the devices.

  1. Delete the photos:

We live in the world of technologies and thanks to it, we have pictures taken in many places and saved and synced at many places too. I saved pictures with my ex-partner on all the platforms where pictures can be saved. During the deleting phase, I deleted everything from my Gallery, but they are all synced on my Google Drive. I rarely check my drive and it really doesn’t bother me that the pictures are present there. On the other hand, gallery pictures will keep on reminding me of him every time I open it.

If you are someone who keeps on checking your Drive then you should delete it from there too. Another reason for me not deleting all the pictures is because; in some of those I looked way too gorgeous.

  1. Deleting old messages:

This also includes deleting old call logs, messages, emails, whatsapp chats etc. I and my ex-partner used to write each other long emails. Lately, all the messages we had exchanged were nothing but nasty fights. I didn’t want to dwell on the bad memories so I decided to delete the messages without looking at them.

It is painful to do this for someone like me who liked to hoard messages. But this will help you to get rid of really heart breaking messages.

  1. Blocking:

This is the funniest part for me. I blocked my ex-partner from all the possible accounts. And strangely, my phone gives a notification every time I get a block text message. Lately, he has been texting me and they get stored in the block text message inbox and I can access it whenever I need to, but it has been fun to block him from everywhere and then getting a text from him that said, “Are you okay?”

It is kind of satisfying for me.

  1. Stay busy:

Stay busy, not for him but for you. We all know how difficult this phase is and if your partner and you shared maximum time of the day together, it is more difficult to cope up with the break up.

Many of the blogs out there will suggest the same – stay busy, take up a hobby. And it’s true. Hustle to the level that you are tired and you fall asleep. This will not only help you grow in your hobby but will work as a life support.

Now these FIVE points can be used to get your ex-partner back too. Because if you follow these points, the ex-partner will come back to you calling or texting or meeting and letting you know that their biggest mistake was to leave you or disrespect you. Only you will have to understand if it is a Booty call or genuine feelings.

Also, if you really want to move on, follow the same steps and when your ex-partner contacts you after your ‘No Contact Phase’, you can just NOT respond.

Good luck with the ‘No Contact phase’.

You can also read about the mistakes done in relationships.

What are the other things to implement for a successful No Contact Phase? If you have more pointers, please comment below.

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