Chapter 23 | Other Important Things

Maya woke up to a terrible dream and found herself, sleeping alone in the Delhi bedroom. Maya got up and had a glass of water and saw Shiv lying in the living room on the couch with his laptop on the coffee table. Maya got his blanket from the bedroom and covered Shiv in it and went back to sleep. While she was lying down, she thought of a lot of things. Her thoughts were chaotic and she couldn’t sleep. She was hungry but she looked at the time, it was 3 AM. She forced herself to sleep and didn’t realize when she fell asleep again.

Maya slept like a dead person, Shiv got up in the morning and left for work, while Maya was unaware. She got up when it was time for lunch. She slept for 12 hours with no dreams. This was the best sleep ever. This was the sleep of a person who was debt free. Maya sat on the bed and stared at the bathroom door for five minutes and then checked her phone. There were no calls or message from Shiv. Maya was angry too and decided not to call him until he calls. She was in the kitchen while brushing her teeth and realized the house-help, didn’t cook a meal. She checked the fridge and there was no grocery. She found a note on her laptop from Shiv that said: ‘There’s a lot of work that I need to take care of and I would be at work tonight.’ Maya was alone the whole day and night and this apartment to herself.

She felt bad but she enjoyed the space. She took a quick shower, wore her blue short shorts and black tank top. In her luggage she looked for her hard drive that had all her documents and her movie collection. She connected the hard drive to the television and started playing Hollywood Rom Coms. While the title of Sex and The City 1 was playing on the TV, Maya took her phone and ordered a large pizza with double loaded cheese and 2 liters of cold drink.

She watched both the parts of Sex and the City and finished half of the pizza. She then started watching Eat, Pray and Love and fell asleep on the couch. She got up when it was sunset. She cleaned up the living room and kept the left over pizza in the fridge. She checked her phone, there was nothing from Shiv. She had a couple of email from Ganesh informing her that the next topics will be a week late. Maya wanted to go out and bring grocery, but she was still thinking if she should go back to Pune. In the middle of her thoughts, her phone rang and it was an International Number. Maya received the call but couldn’t hear the other side. She tried calling again but there was no response.

Maya’s phone rang again in an hour and it was Shiv. She received the call and waited for him to speak first. Shiv said, “Did you get my note?” Maya replied, “Yes”. Shiv said, “Eat something, and do not starve.” Maya told him she is already full from the pizza she ordered for lunch. Shiv said, “You should go for shopping soon. We are leaving the coming Monday.” Maya said, “Before that, we need to talk.” Shiv said, “Yes we do. I am coming back tomorrow morning; we can go for lunch and then discuss things.” Maya agreed and disconnected the call.

She filled up a glass with cold drink and sat on the couch. She started analyzing her actions and wondered why she reacted so rude to Shiv. She cried a little and fell asleep on the couch. She woke up next day when she heard someone in the kitchen. Assuming that it is the house-help, Maya went to brush up her teeth and didn’t find Shiv around. She then entered the kitchen and there he was – wearing a gray pajama and nothing more. He was preparing breakfast for them and looked at Maya and walked all the way to her, gave her a hug and kissed her forehead and said, “Good Morning. Sheila won’t be coming from today.” Maya nodded and took the smell of Shiv. She also realized he was making tea and maggi, which meant he went and did some grocery shopping.

Maya helped him with the maggi and took the breakfast to the living room. Shiv in the meanwhile got their mug of tea. Shiv sat on the couch while Maya made herself comfortable on the chair next to the couch. Maya looked through the window and Shiv asked her, “Was it necessary to return the 2 Lakhs?” Maya nodded and said, “Yes it was necessary for me and my family.” Shiv frowned and said, “I thought I am family.” Maya looked at him and said, “You are the closest of all, but there are a few things that even I need to take care of.” Shiv agreed and apologized to her for not informing her about her father’s health, he said, “I knew it wasn’t serious, and I didn’t want you to worry. I am sorry.” She said, “I understand your concerns, but I felt bad because it was my right to know about his health and his debt.” Maya took a sip of her tea and continued, “By the way, I cleared my credit card and I’m debt free too.” Shiv smiled and said, “Good! I am really happy to know that bit of information.” Maya smiled and took the bowl of Maggi. While Maya was nibbling on her Maggi, Shiv looked at her and asked, “Did you enjoy yesterday?” Maya smiled while eating her Maggi and Shiv was a little upset. Maya said, “See, it is not that I don’t like you. It is just that I need space too, at times. Since the time I have come to Delhi, I have hardly gone out. I am not used to being dependent on anyone for living my life. I don’t want that to change.” Shiv nodded and took a sip of his tea and said, “I never want to see you dependent on me. I am sorry that I couldn’t take you out all these days. I was just too tied up with work.” Maya suggested, “I think I should skip New York and rather be with myself.” Shiv immediately got up and stood next to her and took the bowl of Maggi from her hand kept it on the table and lifted her in his arms and said, “Don’t you dare say that. I don’t want to go to New York without you.” Shiv kissed Maya while her hands were on his bare chest.

Shiv made Maya sit on the couch next to him and kissed him until she left out a moan. They finished their breakfast and took quick showers and left the house for shopping. Shiv was casually dressed in a blue jeans and black t-shirt, while Maya was wearing a sleeveless dress as it would be convenient for her as she was on her periods. Maya and Shiv decided that Maya should wear a designer Saree. They bought 2 Sarees and 5 dresses for Maya and a couple of Shirts and blazers for Shiv. They also shopped a lot of make-up and perfumes. After loading everything in the cab, they had booked for the day; they grabbed some lunch and wrapped the day.

While driving back home, Maya asked Shiv, “What are you planning to gift Sameer?” Shiv replied, “I was planning to gift them a trip to Vegas as their Honeymoon Trip.” Maya was awestruck and nodded. Shiv laughed and asked, “Why? What happened?” Maya said, “I didn’t know he was that good of a friend of yours.” Shiv smiled and said, “He helped me a lot when my Kolkata restaurant wasn’t doing too well. Since then, we were best friends. And…you know, right?” Maya was puzzled and asked, “What?” Shiv replied, “He was once dating your best friend!”

Before Maya could react they reached their apartment.


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