The Most Dangerous Type of Player

All my life I tried to stay away from the players. I have been a strong believer that men cheat, and not trying to be sexist here, but experience, history and stories have always proved me right. I decided to write something on the type of player who are difficult to be identified.

We all know that there are a few, quite obvious players. There are some who also have 2 to 3 girlfriends at a time, and they are honest about it. These are the players who choose to be honest about them being disloyal. These are the cool types; you know what you’re signing in for. These are the safe ones.

Then there are the types whom I have dated. Actually one of them, but yeah – I have. Believe me the fresh break-up wound and this topic is really a very painful combination.

Moving on, I decided that to get over the break up pain, I need to face my fears. Facing fears are the most difficult part; you exactly know what you’re going to get –More PAIN!!!

The dangerous kind of players is the one who don’t show they are a player. These are the ones we all need to be aware of. Let’s call them ‘The Silent Player’.

Special Characteristics of the Silent Player:

  1. Committed:

The Silent Player commits too easily. They are the one who throw the ‘Commitment Bomb’. At the start of the relationship they say, “You’re my dream girl.” When there’s a fight he’ll say, “I’m sorry. Let’s now talk about the future kids.” And during the break-up he will say, “My love starts with you and ends with you.”

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  1. Social Media Commitment:

The silent players play the cards of commitment on social media so well that after a week of dating, they send you an ‘In a Relationship’ request. He will also comment on all your old selfies with any emoji that has a heart in it. They will ask their entire family to add you on Facebook and will send friendship request to your family and extended families, even the one’s you don’t know! Also, they will only have you in all their status.

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  1. The Family Cards:

The Silent Players will not only play the social media cards with your family but will also introduce them to you at an early stage. They will make sure their mother and aunties are considering you as the girl who will bare his kid someday in the near future. They will meet your family and will within seconds be their friends.

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  1. Close to the Best Friend’s Boyfriend:

After all the goods, this is one bad thing that the silent player will do – they won’t be close to your female best friend, but will be the long lost friend with the best friend’s boyfriend. They will make sure they keep an ‘only smile’ relationship with your female best friend.

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  1. PDA:

Public Display of Affection is obviously the forte of a Silent Player. From holding hands while crossing the road to kissing on the New Year’s Eve, these guys do everything with flare and perfection. They do not shy while calling you ‘darling’ or any other nickname in public. They also take you to their friend’s Valentine’s Day Party within a week of dating. The silent players love displaying their affection so much that they go with you shopping and wait outside the trial room; to tell you how awesome you look.

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  1. No girls:

The silent player never looks at any other girl, not even actresses. They make sure their eyes are fixated at you and no matter who walks by them, they won’t look.

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  1. I love you:

The silent players use the ‘L’ word on the second day of you trying to know each other. They are so much into the ‘I love you’ that you can’t do anything but start loving them.

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After reading all of this, one would say, “Chaotic Soul is crazy. She just described the dream man, the man every woman would love to keep to her and the man who is rare to find.” Honestly, I thought the same when I met such a man. I was on the top of the world, I was the princess, I was just happy and that is when I realised, he did all of that with his ex-girlfriend too and with the other girl too while he was fighting with me.

Silent players cannot be identified, but honestly, if a man is all good – there has to be a doubt that rises in your soul. Maybe I am wrong, maybe I just had the worse experience with one of the best man, but my experience leads me to the above analysis. My intuition was always strong and this time too, I was right.

I am sure there are good men and they do exist and I hope every reader of mine gets the most loving man who would never cheat on them, or hit them or change them, but I would also pray that all my readers are safe, sound and beware of the silent players.

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9 thoughts on “The Most Dangerous Type of Player

  1. Reblogged this on The Militant Negro™ and commented:

    You have one major flaw in your theory, Men cheat but they are not cheating by themselves, most cheat with women who are also cheating. To ignore the female gender in favor of spotlighting the male gender is, well, wrong.

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      1. How any man can/could/would cheat on you is way beyond my understanding. You are intelligent, gorgeous and have the spirit of a Goddess. I will miss you when you move your blog from WordPress.

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  2. How can i not follow after this? You are a genius with an insane writing talent!
    乁( • ω •乁) (「• ω •)「 ⁽⁽◝( • ω • )◜⁾⁾ ✺◟( • ω • )◞✺

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