Alert: Self Hosting and Domain

Hello All, 

For those who don’t know me,  I’m Ashmita Chatterjee,  the blogger of chaoticsoulzzz.  So now that you’ll know me and we have done the introduction part,  I really need your HELP! 

I have been blogging since 2011, but still don’t own a ‘dot com’ and I sincerely wish to buy a ‘dot com’.  But I am confused with the technical stuff.  

People who know me,  knows that I can not understand the T of technical.  So when I started looking for options on WordPress for ‘dot com’ I came across a lot of things.  The next,  I Googled,  and I was even more confused when I read terms like Self Hosting,  domain,  shared hosting etc.  

My brain exploded and are still scattered around my house.  I decided to take help.  Taking a professional help is a little out of budget for an unemployed person.  I took advice from friends and my best friend suggested how about I ask for help from you all… 

If anyone can explain me the hosting and domain part and answer a couple of questions that I have,  it would be great!  

If you are willing to help me either comment below or leave your email id and I will get in touch for your expertise.  

Keep Reading!  Keep Blogging! 


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