7 Relationship Mistakes

Relationships are cute and keep you happy. You finally find a person whom you love and who loves you. The start of the relationship is always the best part – the honeymoon phase. Yes honeymoon without a marriage. In this phase we get a notion of how lovely this person is and we try to be at our best too. You do everything to keep the two of you happy and loving the relationship. The honeymoon phase is good till the first year of your relationship.

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When reality hits, it is now in the hands of both the partners to let the relationship really work. And both of them do mistakes, and here are my 7 mistakes, because honestly my partner thinks he has been the best in this relationship:
  1. Forgot Myself:
I was a human being, a woman, a blogger, a creative mind, a social media junk, a selfie queen before this relationship started. I started investing so much in this relationship that I completely forgot who I really was.
  1. Removed my Tiara:
In order to be humble, I took off my Tiara and made it into a crown for him. Funnily, I made him the King in the relationship, but I didn’t remain the Queen, it was a kingdom with a King only. I gave him all the importance, which is good, but in return I missed to see that I stopped getting importance from either him or myself.
  1. His goals were mine:
Having long term relationship and the one where you’ve met the family and have started deciding about how the wedding would be, house would be and how to earn an extra thousand is really a sweet one. It is strong, it is lovely and it is beautiful. But is it sensible to make his goals as your sole goals? I forgot my soul’s goal in order to fulfill his sole goals.
  1. Over supportive:
Being supportive is good it is expected and is a good sign in a relationship.  But I did the mistake of being over supportive in my relationship. I started to believe that he would need my support at all times of the day. I basically, made him handicapped by being an over supportive partner.
  1. Ditched my friends:
I am not a person who has 100 of friends. I have only one and at times her friends are my friends. But in this relationship, I ditched her not only once but many times because I and the guy had decided to have sleepovers or we wanted to go for a movie date. I stopped going to parties where boys were there and my guy wasn’t allowed, because I loved him.
  1. Changed:
I changed not only my way of talking but the way of eating, wearing clothes, partying and a lot of things. I changed myself so much and adapted his way of living in order to be happy with him but in the process, I really forgot who I am and what he had actually signed in for.
  1. Cried:
This is the worst thing I did in my relationship. I cried in front of him, in the house when alone, when he didn’t receive my calls or replied to my texts. I have always been the cry baby, but when I met him, I was stronger and more time I spent on this relationship I became weaker.
These were not the only mistakes I did, but these are the mistakes I regret a little bit. I feel if these things are covered and taken care of, a relationship can drag through the rough time and be back on tracks. But if these things go haywire the ship of relation between you two might sink too and the worst part is you as an individual won’t be able to move on for a longer time, because while you were sailing in the relation-ship you already sunk the self-boat.
If you guys have suggestions on moving on, when such mistakes are already done, please write them in the comment. Also, if you liked this, please share it. I am sure there are thousands more like me sailing on this boat and I really wish to connect to all of you to let you all know that you are not alone (plus so that I know, I am not alone too…!!!)
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