Introducing The Lost Soul

This post is me introducing: The Lost Soul
The last two posts – this and this, were written by my Best Friend ‘The Lost Soul’. I also mentioned in the last post that I will let you all know the reason behind her writing a post for my blog.
I am not a big blogger who has guest bloggers (not yet though!!!) or writers for different categories. But my best friend who every now and then feels emotional and does emotional writing, wants them to be published. When she has such an emotional writing spree, she sends them to me on my Email Address: Now, I am a laid back email reader, I honestly feel, I need someone to read my emails and reply and discard accordingly.
Anyway, when she drops me an email, she sends me a text on whatsapp and I end up checking the email after weeks. I read it; I make the changes (if any) and post it here by giving her the credit. The question arises – Why???
As a loyal best friend and well wisher of The Lost Soul, I told her to start her own blog and I would be the first reader and subscriber. To which she said, “NO!!! I want you to publish them.” And I was touched until, I asked her the reason, she obviously didn’t give me a reason, but I guessed it, and it was right!
She loves writing her heart out but she finds the editing, posting and the BTS (behind the scenes) task very boring. So, she doesn’t want to really start her blog, because she doesn’t want to sit and post things. Another reason she doesn’t want a blog of herself is because – “She has mine.”
So yeah this is the reason, why she is on my blog, every now and then.
Do let me know if you’ll want to read more from The Lost Soul? I personally feel she should have her own blog, but if she doesn’t want one, I would want her to be a weekly writer for my blog. What do you’ll say??? Please comment and let me know!!!
Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Love Yourself!

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