English is a very funny language

Two in a row, not bad? Well this is another post from my BFF who now has a new category in my Blog, by the way (Achievements) she is ‘The Lost Soul’. I will write the next post about why her write-ups are going on my blog. So, the title and the post don’t really go hand in hand, but if the writer likes it that way, we keep it that way, right?

Enjoy this post and please comment and let me and her know if she should write more! We are eagerly waiting for your comments.

Thanks to my BFF even I’ve developed an acute sense of annoyance to incorrect usage of the language English, especially grammar. It has become a part of me that jumps out of my body every time I read or hear incorrect English. I’m nowhere saying that I’m PERFECT with the language but at the same time I believe that I’m better than quite a lot of people around me. And I always try to improve my language and communication in whatever way possible. Let that be watching a lot of English movies/series (wink, wink) or just having an open hearted talk with my BFF which most of the times comes out in English. Although, both of us share the same mother tongue but rarely use it among us. Somehow, whenever we REALLY want to talk our hearts out to each other ENGLISH is the only language that comes naturally in the conversation.

Some people may feel that we talk in English because we want to show off how cool we are (as if we need any more evidence to prove how very cool we already are…LOL). Some get intimidated by the fact that we are talking in English, just like that, in a casual conversation. Because according to them, people only talk in English during a formal/official setup. I mean, that’s just so…BLAH! How can one be so conservative in their thinking? I guess the same way they feel that girls are the reason for all the rapes. Whatever! We’ll talk about that some other day…

I personally am very comfortable with the language when it comes to using it in my daily life. But even I have my moments; which in most cases are the times when I’m talking with one of my seniors (read – HOT Older Man – Director of our Department) and my mouth decides to do a funny dance and I end up saying something, which cannot be understood by any normal human being. Well, that has got very little to do with my communication skills and more to do with my racing heartbeats when I’m talking to The Man. J

The way people have Brain Freeze, I tend to get ‘tongue freeze’ where I loose the control over my tongue and words come out of my mouth in a jumbled manner. God knows what’s wrong with me??? We’ll talk about it later someday too. Hehehe…

You all must be thinking there’s nothing funny about the language that I have spoken so far. Only funny thing I’ve talked about is MYSELF and my blunders. Then you all must be thinking why that Title? Well, I just love the dialogue that Amitabh Bachchan had in one of his movies, I think it was from “Namak Halaal”, where he says, “I can talk English, I can walk English because English is a very phunny language”. And that’s where this post got its name from. 🙂 

So all you beautiful people out there, English or no English, you are unique and worthy in your way and you should cherish it always.

Live, Laugh and Love!!! 


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