Track Tales: Chapter One

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Friday morning is one of the most loved days by the local commuters. The compartment was getting crowded with every minute. Ladies were talking with the other ladies. Some were claiming seats, while some were playing Candy crush on their phones. A few women on the door were fighting with each other. Some girls were sitting with their eyes closed. Some were busy watching videos online. Among all of this, there was a girl dressed in white tank top and black jeans. She was pretty in her own way. Her big eyes were attractive but another thing in her was attracting everyone’s attention were the tears in her eyes.

It was 7:54 in the morning and it looked like she was crying the whole night. She had swollen eyes, red nose, sniffles and was constantly looking at her phone. What must’ve happened to her?

Here is Koyal’s story:

Koyal works in a law firm as a Chartered Secretary. She is independent, confident and smart. She came to Mumbai in 2010 to achieve her dream of independence and to find love. She found love in Aryan, but after 3 years of courtship, she came to know that Aryan is not just hers but someone else’s too. Aryan had an ex-girlfriend named Kaya. Aryan and Koyal started dating in 2013 right after Aryan and Kaya broke up. After three years, Koyal realised a night before that Aryan is spending time with Kaya more than he is spending time with her.

Being the independent girl that she is, she wanted to dump Aryan. But she couldn’t. She has given a lot in this relationship and dumping him and giving Kaya the whole of Aryan wasn’t her plan.

Thursday night at 9:30 PM, Koyal and Aryan were having an intimate moment in her 1 BHK in Bhayander. While Aryan was in the washroom, his phone rang and Koyal looked at it. It was Kaya calling him. Koyal was surprised and furious and she received the call and spoke to Kaya and asked her to stay away from her guy. Just when Aryan came out of the washroom and realised Koyal was talking to Kaya. He got furious, snatched the phone from Koyal’s hand and told Kaya, “I will call you in a while.”

Koyal was in tears when she heard Aryan speaking so nicely to Kaya. She demanded for an answer. Aryan said, “I never stopped loving her. She did a mistake by cheating on me, and I also started dating you immediately after she and I broke up. But she realised her mistake and I realized that I never stopped loving her.” Koyal was blank and said, “Three years!!! It took you three years to realize you love her, then why did you spend time with me? Why did you come to my place every day after work?” He had no answer. He wore his clothes and told Koyal, he will talk to her after a few days. That was it. Aryan was gone. He neither called her nor received her calls. Koyal kept crying the whole night.

There were so many thoughts in Koyal’s mind while she was sitting in this train. She wondered if it was her fault that he went back to Kaya. She wondered if it was she who ruined her relationship or was it Kaya. She was unaware of how would her life be without him. She loved him. She shared a special relationship with him. The train started at 8:04 AM and Koyal unlocked her phone and called Aryan as her daily ritual. He received the call and told her, he was taking an off from work for a few days and going to Pune with his friends. Koyal asked him, “Can we talk about last night? What’s next?” Aryan got irritated and said, “I am in no mood to discuss all this bull shit, early in the morning.” Koyal said, “I haven’t slept the whole night Aryan. I demand to know if we are together or no?” Aryan said, “I wanted to break up with you the first time we fought. I never liked you or loved you. But you were a simple and easy option for my sexual desires. I still want to be away from you, but even if I ask you to break up, after two hours you will call me back and start irritating me and tell me you love me and all. So what’s the point in asking me?” Koyal felt the tight slap he just verbally gave her. She was in tears. Her tears couldn’t stop.  She asked, “So you’re sure, you don’t want to be with me?” He said, “Yes”. Koyal felt the hurt. Her self-respect was going way too down, every time she gave him a chance to change his decision. She kept her happiness in his hands.

Koyal disconnected the call. Put her head behind and let the tears flow from her eyes. She thought of a lot of things and how many times they fought in three years and how many times she had to compromise and say sorry though it wasn’t her fault. Koyal couldn’t believe that a girl like her who was independent and brave to live alone in a metropolitan city would be dependent on a boy for her happiness.

After 45 minutes of journey, she opened her eyes, unlocked her phone and sent a message to Aryan, “This is the last time – Good bye!” Aryan replied instantly, “This is the 7th last time, when you have said goodbye.” Koyal was feeling tormented. She was emotionally abused by Aryan but she only knew that she loved him. Was it love though? Or was it that she was scared that her sex life would stop? Koyal didn’t reply to the message by Aryan. She got up to get down at her destination.

No one knows if Koyal would again keep her self-respect on the fire or would she meet Aryan, slap him and move on. Koyal was hurt royally that day and was ashamed because she was crying in public for a man who didn’t love her. That was the last day Koyal was seen in that Ladies compartment. No one from the ladies compartment knows where she is. Has she changed her train? Has she changed the compartment? Has she changed her job? Has she changed her life, for the good?

Koyal’s story is the story of a lot of women around us. Koyal was strong to deal with emotional harassment but it is time to stand up for yourself and tell the accused, “Enough! No more!”

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