Girl-o-pedia: Dream Man Expectation

I will be writing a few posts in this new segment called Girl-o-pedia. In this series, I will be mentioning the deep dark secrets of a girl’s mind and how we think, our perception on the smallest of thing. This could vary from girls to girls, however will give the guys a brief idea of what are the expectations we have in a few situations.

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Today’s topic is Dream Man – When a girl says the words ‘DREAM MAN’ she has a list already ready in her mind. Men usually blame girls for comparing a man to other men and having high expectations, however these expectations are not at all unrealistic.

I am sure our list is more or less from Rom-Coms and Novels, but these men do exist, outside the imaginary world.

  1. Writing Love Letters:

In the world of e-mails and texting, who writes love letters? Even though, the lady you are dating is too much of a tech-savvy and knows every ‘gram’ on the internet, she expects a love letter or love note, every now and then. On her birthday, she wouldn’t want diamonds, but one love letter from you will make a difference.

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  1. Text Back/Receive Calls:

This sounds contradicting to the first point, however; this is the most basic thing a person can ever ask for. It is more like a ‘Phone Hygiene’ that a person should follow. I am not sure if it is only me or there are more like me in the outside world who wants a guy who would reply to the text before apocalypses occurs or at least receive the incoming call at all hours. We understand that men are busy and they have their friend time, me time, work time, sleep time, but yet again replying to text or receiving calls shouldn’t take more of their time.

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  1. Pop the question:

No matter how determined the girl is to approach her career or not get committed, but when the time is right, she would want the guy to pop the question. I know this sounds very icky but trust me it is the truth, if you are the right guy who did the right throughout the relationship and pop the question at the right time, she won’t say no.

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  1. Understands her Mood Swings:

Girls are blamed to have the most amounts of mood swings, especially during her periods. I wouldn’t deny these blames, but also would like to mention that every girl wishes for the man who understands her mood swings. We do fight for no reasons when we have hormones all over us, however, how many guys in this world actually understands this side of us?

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  1. Compliment Us:

I know not all the men out there are Bruno Mars who would sing ‘Just the Way you are’ for their girls, but at least a genuine compliment wouldn’t do any harm, right? We girls love compliments just like you men do. Compliment her about the tea she made, the new lipstick she got which looks magnificent or how well she talks. 

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  1. Be loyal:

This is the most basic requirement by any girl. No girl wants to look at her guy who is looking at the other girl in the bar. It’s all about loyalty. We don’t think it is hot when you guys look at other girls passing by. When you expect loyalty, we do too.

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  1. Say Sorry:

We don’t want a Justin Bieber to make a whole song to say sorry, but we need someone who would say and feel sorry. We all make mistakes, but we need someone who would stand up to their mistakes and apologize sincerely.

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I am sure the guys are certainly laughing on this post and also must’ve said by now, “Great Expectations!” However, the right man would just smile.  We don’t have unrealistic needs. Not all of us are gold diggers. We don’t need to see gifts to know your love, but we want to see your love and that’s when we would know, “You are the one!”

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