3 Ways to be Productive during Downtime

I am not sure what routine am I following with the blogging thing- however; I know I am late; in fact I have missed a lot of the days. Anyway, every time you read a post from me, it means there was a downtime at work and I utilized that time to write a post and then publish it when the internet was back. (Has anyone just rolled their eyes?) Well, I would’ve, if I were you. But it is true! I am utilizing every single time at work for writing more and more posts. For the people who don’t believe me; should note that my posts are inclined towards the work life types of posts.

Here are 3 ways to be productive at work:

  1. Solve puzzles:

I have seen people at my work and train carrying newspapers and magazines. Initially, I thought it is because they want to read the BIG Finance news and keep upgrading their knowledge. Eventually, I realized that all the newspapers and magazines have these really cool puzzles, crosswords etc. And these are really helpful when there’s a downtime at work. These wont only let you pass some time but also useful for enhancing your communication and vocabulary.

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  1. Collation/SOP:

There are times when the downtime lets you be seated at your workstation. Do you see a promotion coming up real soon? Well, this is your time to create something no one has ever in your process. Maybe you are working in a startup firm and the company needs you to set up things. This is the time you can collate the quality data or productivity sheets for the entire team. Even better, if you create a SOP for the entire team.

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  1. Hobbies/Personal Task:

Blogging is my hobby and I try to write as much as possible when I have a downtime at work. This saves time, as I don’t have to go back home and sit in front of the laptop and writes a blog; rather I can pick up a topic from the situation at work and write on it instantly. Due to work, travel and household chores there are a lot of personal work like Bank things that are usually ignored. We can complete those tasks during downtime (Only if your company allows it!!!).

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I don’t know if these would work for you, but for me these absolutely work during downtime at work. Also, I would like to apologize as I am not following a routine and also little irregular with the blogging part; however, I am utilizing every downtime I get at work to write something that makes sense. If at all, you find a very inappropriate and irrelevant post on my blog, please try to understand that – I didn’t get time or I was too stressed out with work.

Keep Blogging! Keep Reading! Love Thyself!

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