3 Things To Do While Sad At Work

Office politics can actually take over you and your positive mindset for a toss. There are times when the office politics will get so much to you that you’d not only feel bad about it but also become sad. Such mood swing is not only unhealthy for the work environment but also for your own mental health.

I am no expert in getting rid of the office mood swings, but I have experienced this in the past few weeks and now have some sure shot remedy to it. I am not sure if these would work for all of you, but yes it worked very well for me.

3 Things To Do While Sad At Work:

  1. Take a break:

Taking frequent breaks will not only increase your productivity but also help you keep your frame of mind intact. When the office politics gets onto you, all you need is a small break.

  • If you’re one of those people who find happiness in smoking a cigarette, go and smoke (though it’s injurious to health).
  • If you’re someone like me, you should take a small break get out of office and buy dozen of chocolates (though too much of chocolate is also not that good)
  • If you’re someone like my best friend, you will take a break and sit with your phone and browse to the bottom of your Facebook Wall or listen to the most upbeat music.
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When the office politics is really getting on your nerves, just take a break and flush it out of your system. I am usually the types who hate office politics, especially in small groups, but there are times when I become the victim and I have to figure out a way.

  1. Call your ‘PERSON’:

“A friend in need is a friend indeed!” This quote was made after my BFF. Recently, when I had a mental breakdown at work and was completely down, I messaged her and within 30 minutes or so, I was all chirpy. Talk to your best friend or mom or anyone who is your person and will listen to you without judging you. Talk to that person and you will see the change in your mood.

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If at all you’ve no one to talk to, email me on:, I will be all ears!!! 🙂 

  1. Follow the Law of Attraction Method:

I have embraced Law of Attraction and positive thinking, recently. Every time, there is saddening office politics, either I start thinking positively and keep faking a smile until the real smile doesn’t appear, or else I take out my God’s book and start reading it.

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Sometimes, chanting your God’s name also brings in the positive energy. I tried it last week, and the next day after the breakdown – I came to work all chirpy and spoke to my opponents like nothing happened.

I understand, how difficult office politics can get, especially group-ism, however, when we have no other option, the best option is to smile. It will solve all your problems. When there’s a time when you know you will either blast at the other party or start crying, you can simply keep your mouth shut and ignore it for the best.

Please comment below and let me know the other things to do when you’re a victim of office politics.

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3 thoughts on “3 Things To Do While Sad At Work

  1. best 2 are: 1. listen music as it shuts off the rubbish …literally
    2nd is talking to bff or any sibling whomever you want but even taking breaks is frowned upon …so i stick to rule 1 anyway. as am not into smoking, so music does fine. btw dubstep works v well 🙂

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