Dual Passion Duped

Love as many of us know that is a tricky topic to talk on, yet; I want to talk about an epidemic that’s going on. Not being a feminist or someone who is against men, but it is just something that is noticed and observed by me.
I will be talking about this topic with the example of 2 short stories:

(The events depicted in this stories are fictitious. Any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental!  Naah!!!)
Third Time, Lucky?
Shyama was in love with a womanizer. She knew that he was dating two other women at the same time, he was dating her too. She was okay with it earlier; however, when she fell in love with Abhi, this arrangement became a problem for her. She was a manager at a reputed firm and was at the peak of her career at this moment. She had money, class, reputation and everything she asked for. However, the only one thing she loved the most; was shared by two other women.
Shyama asked Abhi one day, “Do you love me?” He lit a cigarette and said, “Yeah… but…” Shyama had tears in her eyes. She never expected a guy to use ‘But’ when it comes to Love. She was heartbroken already. Abhi told her that he loves her and the other two women too. Abhi was true when he said he loved all the three women, however, the three women loved only one man.
He got 100% love from three women, however; he gave divided love to all the three. Abhi was always true about his feelings and made it very clear that he will be three timing. Shyama knew it well in advance. There were times when Abhi chose the second girlfriend over Shyama and that broke Shyama’s heart to the core. There were times, when Abhi insulted Shyama and Shyama’s choices in life. He also had a problem with Shyama being with a different man when they were on a break up.
Abhi was manipulating Shyama and her life. Shyama was strong and independent; however, when it came to the matter of heart she was letting him manipulating him.
This is not only about Shyama, but all of us. Why do we women, let the man we love, manipulate us???
Next, story is about a married woman, who is considered to be adulterous by some, but for me she is in love, unfortunately with the wrong person.
Cheating is allowed, isn’t it?
Rudrayani was a well-known professor and taught the students English. She was one of the strongest and independent ladies. She looked after her parents. She followed the traditional way of getting married – Arranged marriage. She got married to Shubhojit, the guy her parents searched for her. She was married for 6 months now, which is when she noticed she and her husband do not share the same understanding and there was no love. She gave it a benefit of doubt, it could be because it was an arranged marriage and eventually the love part would happen. Rudrayani had never ever thought of any other man except for her husband.
It had been years and still Shubhojit was not attracted to her. Rudrayani sensed the discomfort in their relationship. She had her own needs, that weren’t fulfilled. She was getting frustrated day by day. She met a guy at the university where she taught and was attracted to him. He was caring a lot about her and made her feel special. Rudrayani fell in love with this guy, Sam.
Sam and Rudrayani became too close, she cheated on her husband. She wasn’t fond of the adultery tag, however; she fell in love with someone who cared for her. Shubho never told her why he isn’t attracted to her or doesn’t love her.
Eventually as days passed, Sam started dating another woman and at the same time carried on his arrangement with Rudrayani. Rudrayani was upset as she had fallen in love with him, but she wasn’t sure if she was right or no. Sam started ignoring Rudrayani eventually and the independent Rudrayani started depending on Sam for her happiness. She made Sam her everything and Sam treated her like a nothing. The strong Rudrayani who was almost abandoned by her husband fell in love with a guy who also treated her likewise.
Rudrayani always wondered if she was cheated on because she cheated on her husband. But was she wrong when she cheated on her husband? This isn’t just Rudrayani’s story; there are so many like Rudrayani who aren’t loved by their husband because of various reasons. I ask all the men out there – “Who gave you the right to destroy a Woman’s life? If you don’t love her – don’t marry her at all!”
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