5 Things to Munch on while at Work

Firstly, I would like to apologize to all my readers for the delay in posting. I am obviously unable to post a lot of posts as I have a day job and the travelling is draining out all the energy from me. I am not sure when the next post will be, but for now let’s talk about our favorite topic – FOOD!!!
Working on a Saturday is a little hectic and obviously it shortens your weekend too. However, at times all we need to do is work; after all it pays the bill. Anyway, this post is all about quick food that helps you kick the food cravings at work (before and after) break.

I am one of those people, who can much on small things until it is time to leave work to keep myself from sleeping. I tend to feel more sleepy post lunch (My Bong Genes).
Here are 5 things I like to much on when I am at work:
  1. Nuts:
I love nuts of all kinds and they make a really good companion at work when there are food cravings. I usually tend to carry a box full of peanuts or roasted chana to work for those unnecessary food cravings.
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  1. Chocolates:
This one’s all-time favorite of mine. By looking at me, one can clearly say that I have been living on chocolates. They are the best-friend you need when working and you’re about to feel a little sleepy. Chocolate refreshes you.
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  1. Chips:
Potato chips of all kinds are the best snack for work. I would suggest all the companies should have varieties of chips in their pantry for employment satisfaction. Is there anyone who wouldn’t like unlimited chips supply at work to much on???
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  1. Khakra:
Not sure if all of you guys would know it, but khakra is a mixture of roti and papad. It is healthy and comes in different flavors. It is crunchy that snaps your tiredness away.
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  1. Biscuits:
At times, the butter cookies or a simple Marie biscuit can kill that hunger pang. Usually, many companies, have varieties of biscuits at the cafeteria for their employee. These are mess free.
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Here were a few things we can much on while at work. Apart from these, fruits can also be munched on, however some fruits becomes too messy… Please comment below and let me know the things you’ll like to munch on at work!
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