Life Update Part 1

Hey Peeps,

I had decided to write 3 posts,  a week.  However,  I took up a day job.  This means I am spending almost 16 hours at work and travelling.  This takes a lot of my time and by the time I come home,  I am exhausted and the entire energy is drained out of my system. 

I know this is no reason,  to take  a break or to not blog,  but I personally need time to figure out how to manage the time.  I have only one day as a weekly off,  which is a Sunday and that goes off on taking a blissful sleep. 

I am planning to blog only two times a week and that would be Monday and Saturday…  However,  I will be taking one week to figure out,  if this can be handled. 

So this is the Life Update Post – 1 for all my Readers. 

Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Love yourself!


One thought on “Life Update Part 1

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