7 Must-Buy Things For A New Job

Monday’s remind me of work and school and all those things people do on a normal day. Monday’s are certainly one of the few things most of us detest. But is it the same when it comes to a Monday, when you have to join a new work place?

A new job means a new life, new colleagues and new life. Just like a new haircut is a bold decision to make, so is a new job. Leaving your previous job where you already made friends and learned the work, you now need to un-friend (some people) and UN-learn a lot of things.

As I said earlier, that a new job means a lot of new things, there are some things you need to buy when you start a new job. These are some  essentials, but needs to be changed just as the season changes or the job. Some people might also think that women just need reasons to go shopping, but that’s not the whole truth – we go for shopping only when there is a reason (Ain’t I just smart?).

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7 Must-Buy Things For A New Job:

  1. Pair of Lingerie:

A good pair of lingerie, will make you feel more confident – in and out; literally. One should buy new lingerie before a new job or at least after your first salary as it will make you feel proud to see those floral prints on your body. (My BFF would get that in a much better way)

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  1. Couple of footwear:

No outfit is complete if there’s no proper shoe. A new job certainly means buying those flats you’ve always wanted to buy which were super comfortable.

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  1. Stationary:

Not sure if this is something everyone does. I personally love buying pens and small notepads when I get a new job or when it’s a new year in the same company. Just like we were in school and every year meant new stationary and writing your name on the first page of the notebook. I do that even now… Buying new stationary gives that professional feeling when you enter the new work place’s training room.

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  1. Books/Novels:

A new job could mean a different place to travel. A new job could also mean a lot of unknown, new faces. It is best to keep a novel with you all the time. If you are someone like me, I would want to start a new book, altogether if I am starting a new life aka new job.

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  1. Munchies:

I love carrying a few munchies, especially when it is a new job. You are new there and you won’t be asking about the cafeteria, the moment you get in. It is better to have knick-knack in your bag for those stress hunger.

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  1. Wallet/Money Purse:

I love setting up a bag or a wallet. I love re-arranging those debit cards and keeping the cash properly for the first few days (I’m a mess after that). Getting a new wallet will bring the smile on your face every time you are about to go on a break. I don’t know what is it about wallets, but I just love new wallets, especially when it is a new work place.

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  1. Lunch box and bottle:

If lunch is not provided in your new company, you’d want to carry your own lunch box and bottle of water. It is good to have a new pair of those because, you’d feel nice.I love having food from a new box and a new spoon and sipping water from the new bottle, I’m THAT girl!!!

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These things were completely my favorites ‘must-buy’ things. The reason the list doesn’t have clothes, because, I am following a minimalist living in clothes, and usually I wear the clothes I am comfortable in, so I wouldn’t buy new clothes for a new job but rather would be in my own skin.

Please comment and let me know your Must-Haves or Must-Buy for a new job or new year in school!

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