7 Problems Well-Known To Fat People

In India, people are very strange when it comes to discriminating someone as per their body type.  A mother would want her kid to be ‘Chubby and Cute’, however, when the same child grows up and is still ‘Chubby and Cute’ his/her mother would yell at him/her and ask him/her to reduce. When we plan for kids we always say, “The child should be khaata peeta.” Where does this requirement go when the child is in his teen?

Anyway, body shaming has changed from time to time as per people’s convenience. At times, it is just fat shaming and the other times it is skinny shaming. Both are equally wrong and hurtful for the person who is been body shamed. A lot of you will think that I am being inconsiderate about the fact that, I might offend someone with the FAT word. However, I don’t consider ‘Fat’ a bad word, it is an adjective. It is used to describe a body type.

Personally, I was been fat shamed throughout my life and even now people pounce at any chance they get to fat shame me. I am the fat person that every family members uses as an example: When I was a kid they told their kids, “Learn something from Mita, she eats everything.” As an adult they say, “Look at Mita, you don’t want to eat everything and become like her, do you?”

This post is a dedication to a friend, who wanted me to write something about fat shaming. This post isn’t the exact thing he wanted to read, but similar. Amandeep, I hope you love reading this…

7 Problems Only Fat People Can Relate To:

  1. Body Check:

Now, if you don’t really understand this term, that’s because you’re not considered to be FAT. Body check is when a NON-FAT person looks at the FAT person from top to bottom and then smiles or rolls their eyes. Yeah! That’s a body check and when you do that I can hear these words, “Whatever… Another fat person.”

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  1. Medical Help:

I might be going to the doctor for a sinus pain or maybe for a cut on my finger and somehow the doctor will relate everything to my weight. HOW?!?! Some doctors will blame your eating habits to every problem in the world. “World War II happened because you ate all the burgers 1000 years ago!!!” YES I KNOW!!!

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  1. Dieting Tips:

Yes, we know that we are PLUS-SIZE! Fat people get dieting tips from every person they know (and don’t know!) It is worse to get dieting tips at dinner table or during lunch. “Hell yeah! I ordered an XXXL Pizza for myself, just for myself!!!”

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  1. Flight of Stairs:

This is a nightmare. We don’t understand why we need so many stairs to reach one place! This is one of the biggest problems we face when the elevator doesn’t work at work.

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  1. Retail Therapy:

When I used to be 40 pounds less than what I was, retail therapy was fun. But now when I have come back to my original size, retail therapy leads to either depression or bankruptcy. The malls don’t have clothes that would fit you. Even an ‘L’ or ‘XL’ would fit someone who is much lesser than I am which leads to depression. And if you find a store that caters to your needs, they will suck up the money off your wallet.

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  1. Gym fanatics:

There will be one friend or one family member who will force you to join a gym. IF not a gym, then force you to work out at home. These are the extremist that can be the biggest problem, because every time you see them, you can see a treadmill; might as well, just run over them. ((Wink))

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  1. Dating Tips:

Some people just feel that a Fat person can’t date and needs dating tips. People think you’re not in a relationship because you’re fat. Maybe, I just want to stay away from men. There are some people, who take the responsibility of ‘finding a date’ for you and end up searching ONLY other FAT people.

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Also, I would like to say sorry to my best friend Shrabani for Skinny Shaming her all the time.

These were some problems only we FAT people can relate to. Let me know in the comments below to the problems you face for being Unique.

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6 thoughts on “7 Problems Well-Known To Fat People

  1. Oh girl, the combo of humour and info worked really well. A cute bubbly thinking of a common girl.
    My friends would make fun of my hairstyle. I change hairdo for every season not that I must look good( perhaps) , but to get into comfort. I prefer to solve out things in a easy manner( out of laziness) . 😀
    I wish to say you only one thing. If people are stalking at every actions of you, you need to be a remarkable person. I could figure out you a wee bit, you must be a girl of enjoying the moment, a vibrant person. Never give a think about the world! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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