5 Ways To Get Relief From Morning Headaches

This is the second post in Monday Mania. It is very difficult to think of a topic and execute it. I now feel how easy it is to do the Journal Blogging!

Anyway, today I got up with a headache and all I could think of, was headaches from morning till now. So I wondered, is it only me or is the entire world who has a headache when they get up.

5 Ways To Get Relief From Morning Headaches:

  1. Chai:

This one works miraculously for me for headaches. Every morning when I get up I have mug full of Chai. Not just any tea, but the properly Indian house-hold made chai. The kind of chai, I love to have early in the morning is the strong kind.

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  1. Lemon:

There are times, when you are up and awake but the chai isn’t ready. That is when the lemon comes in handy. A glass of warm water and one whole lemon squeezed in can help you get rid of the morning headaches.

  1. Ice Pack:

When nothing works, you can try the ice pack on your eyes and forehead to relieve the stress. Morning headaches can usually happen due to the stress we sleep with. Relaxing the eyes before sleeping and after getting up can really help you to get rid of the headache.

  1. Eucalyptus Oil:

A quick massage on your forehead for 10 minutes with Eucalyptus oil will relieve the head pain and also relax the tense muscles.

  1. Hot Water:

Applying heat on the back of your neck with the help of a hot water bag can kick the headache out of your system. Also taking a hot shower can help you get rid of the morning headache.

Try these effective ways to kick out the morning headache and also comment below and let me know some other effective ways to get rid of this headache.

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