5 Amazingly Healthy Breakfast Ideas


We live in a very busy life. The everyday hustle of the day is difficult to tackle. However, all we have in our busy life is the king size breakfast. Especially in the middle class household like mine, we have breakfast that are easy to make and filling too.

I am a Bengali and you won’t find all these things been usually eaten by my community, but my mom swears by these easy to make healthy breakfast.

Here’s 5 Amazingly Healthy Breakfast Ideas in the Category of Sizzling Saturday:

  1. Oats with Milk:

Not a lot of people might like oats as it is too healthy. I wasn’t a big fan of oats, honestly. However, I love the oats made by my ma, they’re the best.

Here’s the way to make it (I won’t be giving the quantity, as that is something you guys can figure out)

All you need:




Jaggery (instead of Sugar)

  • My mom first boils jaggery and water together so that the jaggery dissolves in the water.
  • She then adds the oats and keeps it on medium flame.
  • Once the water and oats consistency is a little porridge kind add milk to it and again cook it on low flame.
  • The secret to creamy oats porridge is to cook it on slow flame.
  • When serving, you can add some fruits of your choice.
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At times we add bananas or apples to the oats porridge and at times we fill it with dry fruits.

This is so filling that if you have it around 8ish in the morning; it would keep you going until it is time for lunch.

  1. Brown Bread and Egg:

I love eggs in all  forms. Eggs make a super healthy breakfast option. A whole wheat bread or a brown bread is healthier and can be toasted with a little butter along with half fried eggs. Yummm!

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This option is healthy and tasty. One can have variations of eggs. I and mom love the half fried eggs, while my brother prefers an omlette.

  1. Broccoli Scrambled Eggs:

Many of you might not like broccoli because of its veggie kind taste and smell. But at my place we love broccoli with scrambled eggs. I have this super easy and healthy and tasty recipe for the best Broccoli Scrambled Eggs –

  • Chop the broccoli finely along with 2 green chilies
  • Beat eggs nicely to the limit that there’s foam in the egg
  • Heat the pan, add olive oil and let it heat a while. Then add the chopped broccoli and chilies and fry until the broccoli is a little brown-ish (don’t burn it though).
  • Add salt & black pepper powder
  • Then add red pepper flakes and oregano (any herbs that’s available)
  • Pour the beaten eggs and let it stay on low flame for a few minutes
  • Then with a spatula break it and stir it well until the eggs are fried
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Serve it hot with Chili Sauce and a toast.

  1. Boiled Yam/Sweet Potato:

Not a lot of people would love boiled yam, but it is very healthy and fills you up for a long time. This is something my Thamma (Paternal Grandma) used to make for us and not all my cousins used to love it.

I have always been super lazy and this used to be one of those breakfasts that didn’t need a lot of chewing.

Here’s my thamma’s and mom’s version of the recipe:

  • Clean and cut the yam (You can use sweet potato, instead)
  • Boil it in a pressure cooker for at least 10 minutes or until it is boiled properly
  • Strain the water and smash the yam with a fork in order to make it into a paste kind of thing
  • Take a deep cooking pot and heat some ghee in it
  • Once the ghee is hot, simmer the gas and add some Cumin seeds (Jeera) and chopped green chilies
  • Now add the smashed yam and stir it well
  • Add some salt and sugar

Serve it hot with a slice of lemon

  1. Mixed Pulses Dosa:

My mom makes this super delicious mixed pulses dosa, she learnt it from the Internet. These dosas have all the nutrient values of the pulses and also very filling.

  • Soak moong dal and urad dal in equal proportions and a handful of rice
  • Strain the water and mix it well in a mixer
  • Add some salt to taste
  • Then add handful of Oats and run the mixer, once again
  • Keep it overnight
  • Next morning make super healthy dosas as you normally make dosas or pancakes

Serve hot dosas with chutney. I usually love my pulse dosa with eggs.

These are some amazing breakfast ideas and are super easy to make. These breakfast options are the ones I usually eat for breakfast.

Try them and also comment below and let me know your favorite easy and healthy breakfast ideas.

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