3 Things Ugly Relationships Teach You


When we are single and yearn for a love relationship, we think we will liberated and have the time of our lives. However, everything that glitters isn’t gold. Love is a good feeling and I really love being in love. I like the feeling when your guy holds your hand while crossing the road, not that I am incapable of doing things on my own but at times the entire PDA (Public Display of Affection) thing is cool.

I have always been into love stories and always wanted my own love story to be exclusive. However, we don’t get everything we need. My love story was exclusive, but till the time we were together.

Here’s my Thoughtful Thursday post where I am being thoughtful about 3 Things Ugly Relationships Teach You:

  1. Is it worth Ignoring Your Friends?

In the beginning of the relationship, all we want to do is spend more and more time with our new bae. In this process, we tend to forget our friends and most of the times, cancel the plans with the friends to be with the guy. After a certain months in the relationship, things usually go back to normal, but if it doesn’t, consider that you have trapped yourself in a messy relationship.

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If your lover is asking you to be away from your friends, but he himself is being friends with people, you know are bad to the society, you need to know that he is being selfish. In today’s world, love relationships are short lived and we can’t afford losing friends over men.

An ugly relationship taught me to never ignore my friends.

  1. Is Honesty actually the Best Policy?

We have been told since childhood that being truthful is the best thing. It is always advisable to be honest to the one you love. But in this generation, do we all say the truth when we date someone? Rather you should be asking yourself, do we HAVE to say the whole truth to the one we are dating?

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We are in too much in love when we start seeing someone, the feeling of love is so overwhelming that we tend to believe that saying the truth will be the best option. So we open up to that person about our past, the first kiss, the first make out session, the first time you failed an examination, the first time you sneaked out of home to meet your friends, so on and so forth.

I tried this ‘saying the truth’ thing and believe me guys it backfired me furiously. Maybe it was the relationship that was wrong and I said the truth to the wrong person. But saying the whole truth to someone you love isn’t the best idea always. Ask yourself, if you’re being 100% honest to yourself or your family? If the answer is NO, then why are you being so truthful to the guy who wooed you a few weeks ago?

An ugly relationship taught me that tweaking the truth or hiding some facts won’t harm anyone.

  1. Is Changing Yourself Worth?

‘Change’, I hate this word when it comes to relationships. I actually hate all the version of the word ‘change’ when it comes to Relationship arguments – ‘You have changed a lot…’ ‘Why don’t you change the way you dress?’ ‘Why don’t you change your group of friends?’ Etc. Being in a love relationship doesn’t mean you have to forget who you are. Since we were kids our parents taught us to be who we are, but one fine day a man comes in our life and wants to ‘change’ the way we are! Not done.

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When we love someone, we don’t mind changing ourselves. However, one change will lead to other and then your entire existence will change. Is it worth the change? Is me wearing a full sleeves dress below my knee going to help the world in any way? We meet someone, we are attracted to them for who they are and in return we want them to change for who we were actually attracted to? Doesn’t that sound absurd?

I have tried the entire changing myself for the person I loved a lot, once upon a time. However, in the end I was the shallow one and also got a comment from the guy, “You have changed a lot.” Of course I have. You made me who I am today.

An ugly relationship taught me that it isn’t worth changing yourself or changing the one you love.

This was the Thoughtful Thursday Post.

Please comment below and let me know what an ugly relationship has taught you in life. Also, if you liked it, please share it on Twitter.

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2 thoughts on “3 Things Ugly Relationships Teach You

  1. These are amazing. I haven’t really been in a lot of relationships but everyone of them has been me or the guy trying ti change each other or trusting to soon.
    I have heard so crazy stuffs about the person I am dating right before me date type deals.
    Some of them on a normal setting would have drove me away but it was love, or felt like it.

    You know that emotion you get when someone shows interest in you. A person you otherwise would want nothing from bit possibly friendship? Yea that emotion…I have felt that for nearly every last person I have dated.

    One could say the problem was with me and not them. They may be right, but it isn’t always me. I am more than willing yo take the blame when it is due to me.

    Liked by 1 person

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