Self Interview: Completing A To Z Challenge

April ended and I completed my A to Z Challenge, 2016. So here’s a small self-interview related to my experience of the A to Z Challenge.

Q. Did I do well?

A. Honestly, I screwed up a little bit here and there. I could have done better.

Q. What did I learn from my mistakes?

A. One thing I realized is that – Scheduling is very important. I should have scheduled all my posts before the due date. I waited for the last moment to write my post and then publish it. 

Q. Was it difficult?

A. Hell yeah! It was difficult to come up with topics as I wasn’t prepared with them before April begun.

Q. What was the biggest challenge faced?

A. The decision making with regards to the topic and the title was very challenging.

Q. Will I do it again in 2017?

A. Of course yes!


Q. What did I learn from the overall experience?

A. I learned a lot of things like, how important it is to schedule before the deadline, dedicating a proper time for writing, importance of social media.

I also realized and noted down the areas of improvement for me. Some of them are – Learn Scheduling, Learn about SEO and Social Network Marketing, SEO for Title.

I also a learned that, we can accomplish something in life only when we push ourselves towards it. 

Q. What have I planned for May?

A. I have actually drafted a Blog Schedule for May-June-July-August. I have sent the Blog Schedule Plan to my best friend and my biggest critic. I am waiting for her notes on them and once I get a heads up, I will start with the new schedule planned.

Side Note: If I become one of those busy bloggers who have too much in hand, my best friend is going to be my assistant and manager.

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4 thoughts on “Self Interview: Completing A To Z Challenge

  1. I have the same struggles. I am pretty sure I slacked on days when I had to work. It was difficult cause I wanted to write everyday but with working it got really really hard to keep up

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