Announcement: Exciting New Venture

As you guys know that, I was participating in the A to Z Challenge this year. In the month of April, I posted 26 Posts for 26 days. It was challenging and exciting at the same time. However, April is over and here comes the new month.

If you guys remember, in the month of January, February and March I was publishing posts every Monday and Friday. I was in two minds if I should go back to the same schedule or do something else – something exciting.

So here comes the exciting part…

I will be posting 3 days a week for a few months now. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Ohhh, did I just hear someone say, “Aye, that’s not possible…” Honestly, the Blog Schedule Plan I sent my best friend is really very “Tempting” (her words) and when I planned it, it seemed challenging and it is. However, (quoting my best friend) – “Difficult but tempting nevertheless…  But again, isn’t that the point of being creative… Push your limits!”

So here is the plan I have come up with and also received an approval from my best friend and critical reader. (Thank God)

There will be 3 posts a week. The days will be named as below…

Monday Mania

Thoughtful Thursday

Sizzling Saturday

Ohh yeahh!!! I have come up with names for my schedules…

All these three days would have some specific posts with a certain sub-theme when published. However, everything else will be figured out by you intelligent people.

For now,  I am just up for my 5 hours sleep and in a while i will write and publish my first post in this theme and then sit doing hours of planning and research for this new venture.

I hope you guys enjoy this new series!!!

Please let me know in the comments, the first thought that came to your mind after reading the Names of the Days!

P.S.: About ‘The Runaway Writer‘, I am coming out with a Fixed Schedule for it too. Readers who are wondering what is ‘The Runaway Writer‘, it is an e-story (‘e’ stands for erotic) that I write on my second blog. if you’re 18 and above and haven’t seen it yet, what are you waiting for?

Readers who are below 18, please stay here and be good kids!!!

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Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Push Yourself! Love Thyself!

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