We all care about people around us,  our families and friends and people we work with.  But actually  we are supposed to care about just one person,  every day –  YOU!  We try to have the perfect relationship with each and every person,  but in the course of time,  we forget that we also need to keep ourselves happy. 

3 things you should do for YOU:

1. Smile at the mirror:
Every time you look at the mirror,  just smile.  Smile because,  no matter if anyone’s looking at your smile or no,  but the person in the mirror,  certainly will. 

2. Treat yourself with goodies:
As a kid,  my mother used to give me a chocolate,  everytime I got good marks in my math exam.  I wondered,  if she could have given herself a chocolate too,  every time she solved problems.  We don’t treat ourselves with goodies when we do something right.  We should,  right?

3. Love yourself:
We all deserve the best.  The only person who will love you the most after your mother is YOU!  Start loving yourself as much as you expect people to love you. 

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One thought on “You…

  1. This is wonderful and eye opening. As a mom I don’t do a lot of things for myself. Honestly, seeing my daughter smile or hearing her thank you is rewarding enough.

    But for myself…no I don’t do much of anything. I reward myself to a game, a few chapters in a book. Maybe even sit down and have time to write. It isn’t something I do often though.

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