X Are Special Too…

Hello All,

Welcome to my A to Z April Challenge, 2016 – Day 24: X

Theme: Relationship

Summary: X’s at times can be a little strange but really close to your heart.

Honestly, I am late because I forgot. But I am writing it now and posting it too. I know it could be a day’s miss, but I know I am posting it and I want to believe that I complete at least one thing, that I’ve started.

It was difficult thinking about a title starting with X. I wandered and wondered a lot and finally came up with this title. Yes! I know I need to get over all these things, but it is a little difficult.

SO today I am going to write about 2 X’s of my life.

X-Boyfriend and X-Company

Let’s start with my X-Boyfriend. Let’s name him X. X and I met almost 3 years ago from now. We dated for only 2 years and some months of fights and break ups and makeup’s. However, what I had with him was very special. He was the first love of my life. That’s right! I had a lot of crushes and severe crushes too, but X was one guy I could talk to about anything (after my best friend, of course!)

I am a foodie and so is he. X and I had the best of memories in the restaurants, eating. We have travelled a lot together. There’s something about me, very few people know – I can’t eat a burger on a date. I find burgers messy but I love them a lot. But whenever I have been on a date, I would prefer a wrap or something else that isn’t as messy as a burger. But when I was with X, I never thought about it. We used order burgers almost every time we were together.

I am a little above the average, when it comes to my health. I have had issues about my health, but I couldn’t quit eating, unless I was on some pills. I can’t quit eating, I love eating. X had one of those bodies, that weren’t too toned but not flabby too. He was actually a complete opposite of me. However, he never made me feel bad about my body or the way I look (though I look absolutely phenomenal).

I don’t have a group of friends. I have only one friend and that is my best friend ‘S’. I am not a people’s person. I can’t connect to people when they are emotional. I can’t connect to people unless they are my readers. But with X, I connected with him and surprisingly, he connected with me too.

Most of the people, who are a part of my life and know that I and X are no more seeing each other, always ask me, “Big Deal! It was just 2 years…!” I know it as just 2 years, but in two years, I have lived my lifetime with X. It may sound very dramatic, but I was in love with him and I don’t know how to love anyone else anymore.

Now, X-Company is a little twisted. I worked for 4-5 companies till date. They all are my ex-companies, but the X-Company is a little special. The company where I worked for almost 3 years helped me grow. X Company let me see the professional side of me. It helped me become a leader that I am today. This company strengthen my friendship with my best friend. X Company is the company that hurt me too. It left a scar on my image. But it also made me fall in love for the first time in my life.

I don’t love my X Company anymore, but I can’t hate it too.

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