Victory Story

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Welcome to my A to Z April Challenge, 2016Day 22: V

Theme: Relationship

Summary: A short story about a girl named Maya. How she reached her Victory story.

Disclaimer: This one has quite some relevance from a real life story of someone I know very well. And this is dedicated to her. Also, the names used in this story are similar not same. Enjoy!

Maya was working out and eating a lot at the same time while she was at home, frustrated. She had taken a year’s break from working and had a time of her life. However, the world seems to have changed in one year. She was contacted by her ex-employee with regards to rehiring her, but eventually a cunning ex-manager of Maya played her cards and convinced the Director to not sign Maya in again.

Maya was not eager joining back the company she left a year ago, but she was compromising when she got a call from the company. Maya cried for a week, then she was in the anger mode and obviously she couldn’t take down a company with her anger, so she chose the Self-Harm method.

Was she in depression? Hell YES!!! She was in depression and was embarrassed because instead of her not wanting to join the company, she gave it a shot and after the selection, she was told that, “Things were different.” She got pleasure in self-harm and she knew it was wrong, but she got a satisfaction from it.

After a week of Self-Harm, she decided to work out and eat. She did that too, but there was no change in her body or mind. She was still depressed. She was stopping herself from harming herself. She didn’t want to pick up a knife again or take some pills.

After 4 weeks of mixed emotions about not having a job, not having her boyfriend she decided to sleep a lot. She slept like a baby and got up smiling. She hadn’t smiled in weeks. She saw this wonderful dream and she was content.

Maya finally decided to not work under anyone and start her own business. She knew this was not going to be easy. She took up two jobs to save money and in the meanwhile worked on her business plan. She had this amazing plan and wanted to achieve it. She was now truly exhausted but content with two jobs and one business plan. All she had to do now was find herself an investor.

With a lot of struggle, she found herself an investor who was ready to invest in her plan. It had been 2 years since she was harming herself and was depressed. She was now a boss and had people working for her. She also started writing a book, which she knew would be a success. She had seen all this in her dreams. There was just one last thing left that was there in the dream. While Maya was signing the books in a reading session, she heard a similar voice, “Hey Maya! How have you been?” Maya was smiling and started laughing; it was her cunning ex-manager. Maya was glad to see her in the line waiting for Maya’s Autograph. Maya smiled and said, “Well, how do you think I have been?” She said, “Seems like you have grown a lot! I was wondering if we could talk over coffee after you are done with the signing.” Maya agreed and signed her book too.

Maya met her for coffee. The cunning ex-manager said, “As you might know, my husband is working with this News Channel and when he knew you were once working for me, he asked me to ask you if you could give an exclusive interview for his channel. Are you available?” Maya smiled and said, “Of Course! By the way, where do you work now?” She said, “Ahh well! I am working for the same company.” Maya said, “Ohh that’s awesome! So you must be a Director by now! It’s been what 2-3 years?” She was a little embarrassed and said, “I am actually managing a new and very important project that we have. I am a manager for this super important project.” Maya smiled and said, “Aahhh Great! Good!”

They scheduled an interview at Maya’s office and before the interview the journalist and the photographer took some pictures of her office and cabin. Maya walked into the conference room, where the interview was scheduled. Maya also had a contract been signed with her cunning ex-manager’s husband stating the interview will be aired as is, with no editing at all.

Maya had her team sitting with her in this interview to record it too.

She was been asked one of the questions as, “How did you become a successful business woman in no time?” Maya smiled and answered, “The credit goes to one and only ‘Manju Pilgaonkar’, the wife of your renowned Head of channel.” The journalist asked, “Really. How did Mrs. Pilgaonkar inspire you?” Maya laughed and said, “She didn’t literally inspire me. She embarrassed me 2 years ago. She took a job from me which was all ready for me by playing the most cunning cards she had in her deck. Luckily for me after a lot of self-harm and depression I went through by the biased rejection from Altitude Company, I saw a dream to crush all the people who embarrassed me by not showing my anger but instead getting really successful. She is the reason I am here today. She and her very dear director friend who took the decision that I wouldn’t be an asset to the company.” The journalist chocked but went on and asked, “So is this interview revenge?” Maya smiled gracefully and said, “Oh No Not at all! This interview is, I guess more like me showing the gratitude to the people who made me what I am.” The journalist asked, “But you know that these statements can impact a lot of lives.” Maya said, “As they say darling, it is all Karma. I am just returning the favour. I believe in the universe. I know one thing, every management works in a certain way; I am sure 2 years ago the decision taken by Altitude Company would’ve been some management decision, however, if it was biased, they will have guilt, if it was not a biased decision they won’t care about this interview, would they?”

The journalist laughed and agreed with Maya and asked, “We have heard, in your company 50% of the staffing is of the people who are completely new in this creative field. Is it true?” Maya said, “Yes it is 100 percent true. I believe that hiring someone with no skills or with a passion to learn something new will give me company assets. During the time, when I was looking for a job but had 1 year gap in my resume, companies rejected me. I was already well skilled in my field back then but a gap in my resume mattered more to a lot of people. I didn’t want people to go through the same trauma like I did.” The journalist asked, “How the staffing in your company does happens and the skill set you look for are?” Maya smiled and said, “I am sure, after this interview I am going to be super busy with resumes I get in my email. I have my assistant who sits along with the HR and they call every person whose resume we have received and schedule their interviews. We also try to make sure the selection rounds are completed in one day. Every department in my company has a 50-50 ratio of members who are experienced and fresher or still studying. The HR team takes the interviews and the skill set we look for is passion to learn and work in this field. We don’t ask a lot of questions, we want the interviewees to talk. After the HR Team selects a certain set of people, they forward the resumes to me. I take their last round and it is again all talking, while I try to know where their interest lies in and where would they really fit the best.”

Journalist says, “That sounds impressive. Do you follow a formal way of contact and dress code?” Maya looked at her team who were sitting right behind her and laughed and said, “Why don’t one of my team member answer this for you!” A young lady laughed and said, “I work in the marketing team. Here at CS Enterprise, we follow the most informal way of communicating while it is internal and with our clients it is obviously formal. Have you seen Maya’s cabin? She never sits there, she always around us. We follow an open door policy, literally.” The journalist smiles and asks, “And I can see on a Monday, most of the members are wearing casual, so it is a casual dress code!” Maya nods in a yes.

Maya feels good about the interview and offers the journalist and his team to wait for lunch. Maya goes home that day completely satisfied as she took out everything she had against the people who embarrassed her. She felt good about the fact that her action is not going to harm anyone the way their actions harmed her. She looks at her wrist and touches the self-harm wounds and has the tear of joy.

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