Ultimate & Unique Date Ideas


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Welcome to my A to Z April Challenge, 2016Day 21: U

Theme: Relationship

Summary: Ultimate date ideas that you and your loved one can enjoy together.

Many of you know that I have been in a relationship, where I used to wear the pants. In every aspect, I took the decisions for both of us. I used make reservations for dates and anniversaries and birthday.

Here are a few ultimate date ideas that never go wrong:

  1. Making breakfast or brunch:

This is certainly for the couples who have been dating for quite some time now. Cooking together increases the intimacy level between the couple. Making breakfast or brunch is a fun to do thing. I always loved making eggs, toast and tea with my ex. He used to cut the veggies for the omlette, while I used to do the cooking.

  1. Go sight-seeing in your own town:

It is special to feel like a tourist, sometimes. IT is always good to be on a vacation with your loved one; however, it is not always possible. But from time to time, one can go in their own town acting like a tourist and do the tourist things. In Mumbai, I love to act as a tourist. Taking the local train and going to Gateway of India, clicking pictures, buying junk jewellery and eating road side food. Holding hands and with the person who would enjoy things that you love, will be the perfect evening.

  1. At home Beer Date:

I am not really a wine person and I don’t like those dinner dates wines. But a beer date! Aaah! Having a beer date at home while the next day is off and you two are ready to get wasted with each other is like the best thing. At times, it is all about talking and beer certainly gets us talking. I remember having beer dates with the ex and talking non-sense about the crappy television series. It is fun.

  1. Reading books together:

Reading books together, in this world of Kindle is a great date. I would love a guy who would take me on a reading date to maybe Crossword or a library or maybe, ordering my favourite book online and we both reading it together with a cup of hot tea. Wandering at the bookstore is also a great option.

  1. Drive-in movies:

I haven’t experienced this myself, but it sounds like a great idea. Watching a drive-in movie with some takeout food and a perfect night with your loved one sound more than perfect to me. The right kind of movie certainly brings in the best moments in a relationship. The first date of my life was with a guy in a movie theatre and the movie was something I had watched 2 times before, the date was worth the first kiss, but the overall the relationship never took off the way I wanted it to. I think in my case the choice of movie was wrong (or maybe just the guy).

  1. Fulfil your bucket list:

You guys can make your own small bucket list and try to fulfil it together. Do one thing that is on your list and the other from his. You guys can plan it out for every alternate weekend or plan your vacation accordingly. What’s better than having yours and his dreams come true!

  1. Play a childhood game:

Remember those days where as kids you used to play monopoly or carom or some game, you both loved. Sometimes all we need to do is reinvent our childhood with the one we love. Order a pizza or make some of that junk food you both love, like French fries, sausages, nuggets and get a big, very big bottle of cold drink and start playing. I once played snake and ladder with my ex and believe me guys, it was the best dates ever, especially because I won most of the games. Also we had ordered Mc Donald’s and played our favourite songs.

It is good to give a shot to keep your relationship alive. Only sex won’t take the relationship any further. At times all you need is TIME with the one you love.

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