Tea Lovers: Perfect Gifting Options

Hello All,

Welcome to my A to Z April Challenge, 2016 – Day 20: T

Theme: Relationship

Summary: 9 Gifts that every Tea Lover would love.

Tea lovers are a special kind of people. They are the one who love tea at the oddest hours. I am one of them and trust me the below gifts are something I would love to get ((Wink, Wink))

  1. Tea Printed Tee’s: I want these in my size!!!

Picture Courtesy

2. Perfect Tea Mugs: Imagine having your morning cup of tea in this!!!

Sip-hop Mug. We all get a tude if ever we skip our morning brew, so see to it that you sip yours out of this white ceramic mug every day! #multi #modcloth:
Picture  Courtesy

3. Tea Kettle Key Chain: Just look at this, isn’t it the cutest?

tea kettle keychain, Tea Time charm keychain, teapot charm keychain, tea lover, best friend gift, christmas gift, Tea Time,  tea jewelry by vespestudio on Etsy
Picture Courtesy

4. Tea light: If I have my own study, ever, this is going to be a gift for myself.

A "tea light" that's actually shaped like a cup of tea!
Picture Courtesy

5. Chai Soaps: Seems like, someone is going try this!

Cluck Wild Homestead: Chai Tea Soap:
Picture Courtesy

6. Tea Tote Bag: I am crazy for Tea. I am crazy for Tote.

This bossy tea tote.
Picture Courtesy

7. Tea Quirky Jewelry: Next time I know what’s going to be in my jewelry box…

Picture Courtesy


8. Tea Book Shelf: Aha.

Picture Courtesy

9. Tea Mobile Case: Hmmm…

Picture Courtesy

Well, these were some amazing gift options for the people you know who love tea. These make really good birthday and anniversary gifts.

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